Soup and a crusty roll!

“Simmering,” was the word and thought I woke with this morning. I think it is fair to say that more often than not, that word has negative connotations and implications. We talk, for example, about someone simmering with anger or with resentment. However, this morning the word and concept seemed to be offered to my thinking as a good thing; a pot of simmering  soup, full of good things, is ready to be enjoyed.

I think God was saying to me that He wants my life to be simmering with the good things of salvation, the born again life, this day:  a source of ready nourishment not only for me but for others who “happen” to come into my life. I believe that is good imagery not only for me but for us all.

When I was struggling to come to terms with all the changes that my current health condition brought with it, God greatly helped me all of a sudden. In the midst of an awareness of  physical limitations upon me, awareness of what I could not do, He helped me see a Kingdom of God image: I could be like a tree in which birds found shelter, refuge. There was no reason why my leaves ever needed to fail, nor fruit continue to emerge. The Living water of His Spirit and His word would ensure that. “Simmering” brought that back to mind. A simmering pot of good soup on a cold day, a lush evergreen tree: to me they are the same sort of imagery speaking of readiness and fullness; a welcome sight, a welcome find.

I offer these images to you. Whatever factors limit your activities today, it is within your capacity as you go out your front door, or as you are confined behind it, to be ready to be a blessing to God, yourself and others.

There are some things you can do to help make that a real experience rather than a pious goal, especially this;  open your bible, asking God to give you understanding. I have been so grateful for David Strutt’s Daily Devotional book, “Sanctuary.” Even though we are less than half way through February it has already helped my life to simmer at the right temperature so often. The bible reading for the day, given at the back of the book, has so often blessed me before I even got to David’s comments which blessed me further still. If you have not got a Daily Reading plan on the go at the moment I commend it to you. Whatever, however you do it, find some way of allowing the Word of God to  be the continuing gentle heat that helps you simmer in a good way,  helps you be “aye ready.”

There is something better than home made soup after all: God made soup served up at just the right temperature. It somehow augments the taste of even the crustiest of rolls!

God bless


P.S. To help you simmer, why not read Psalm 1 as soon as you get your hands on a bible or switch on your bible App.


2 comments on “Soup and a crusty roll!

  1. Lynn says:

    Such wonderful encouragement and words of hope and Life !!!
    Abba Bless you !!!!


  2. David Strutt says:

    Bless you, Kenny. I am a great lover of ‘simmering before God’. I rarely sit down to prep for a preach in one sitting; instead the process of ‘simmering’ through many days allows God to say ‘Did you see that?’ ‘Did you notice that?’ and instead of being earth-bound, the word takes on a sharp prophetic edge as you include the ‘now thoughts’.

    Apologies to anyone who turns to the index of Sanctuary and finds it has gone bonkers! The process of switching between different IT systems did all sorts of weird column-swapping things and I didn’t see it until after publication. Profuse apologies!


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