To those who have never been addicts, homeless or in prison for crime…

Was speaking with someone not long ago who was embarrassed because their testimony was too tame! It could not reference being an addict, or homeless, or spending time in prison which seemed to be the case with many of the testimonies they were hearing or reading about.

Listen! It is wonderful that Jesus helps people in all these extreme situations and that there are people who can say to those in such situations, “I have been there and Jesus set me free and can do the same for you.” Nonetheless let’s be clear about this: Jesus came to save His people from their sins. That is our primary testimony and it is something that all of God’s redeemed people can bear witness to: “I have a Saviour, Jesus, and He has brought me into the eternal love of God, freeing me from sin’s guilt and power.”

I was saved when I was barely more than a child: saved in the context of having a wonderfully loving family, a secure home and being generally very happy every day of my life. Nonetheless the conviction sin came upon me. I knew I needed a Saviour and reached out to him. My experience of being saved from sin is as real as the testimony of any other person.

Whether dramatic or not, having a Saviour is life changing and eternal destiny changing, even if you cannot give time, date and place to some dramatic moment. Share your story. Remember despite the coverage the more dramatic stories get, most folk have not been in prison, are not homeless and have not been alcoholics or drug addicts. They still need to know there is a Saviour whom they need who loved them and died for them and rose for them and is knocking today at the door of their lives.

Come on! Share your story! It is unique. It can bring a glory to Jesus that other stories do not.

God bless


One comment on “To those who have never been addicts, homeless or in prison for crime…

  1. Lynn Lindsay says:

    Yes and Amen !!!
    And He doesn’t want any to be lost without Him !!!
    Such Love and Such Amazing Grace !!!!


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