I have played the fool….

“Better to meet a bear robbed of her cubs than a fool bent on folly.”

Perhaps you have suffered because of the folly of others and can testify to the truth of this startling imagery from the Book of Proverbs. However, today when I woke, having slept well, I found this thought presenting itself to me: “What if the folly and its consequences are our own?”

I have been asking God to give me an instructed ear and tongue that morning by morning I may know the word that will sustain the weary I may have contact with in some shape or form that day. After all that is the insight into Jesus’ inner self that Isaiah saw prophetically many centuries before His incarnation, and we are to be like Jesus.

It may be this morning that you are facing a new day aware of your folly in some matter or another, some decision or action which  you took that you now know was wrong: “I rue the day…I could kick myself….” Do you believe that the God who has had mercy upon you with regard to your sin can be trusted to deal with your folly and its results in mercy and kindness  when you confess it to Him?

I am not quite sure what this says of me, but sometimes I feel more ashamed to bring foolish decisions or actions or words to God than those that are sinful. This morning, I am merely bringing to you the challenge I have slowly learned to bring to my personal faith. “Do I believe God will look with mercy on folly humbly confessed and discussed with Him at His mercy seat?”

It may sound a bit of an odd concept, not only to admit but also to discuss our folly with God. However, sometimes there are things we need to learn from our folly otherwise it may well be repeated. It is a good thing to wonder and think and seek insight and listen at the Mercy Seat of “no condemnation” to which we have access through the blood of Christ. Surveying an event or decision with the help of the Spirit of Truth can help me understand why I did what I did as well as helping us watch out for landing pads for similar folly in the future. In Psalm 85 we read these words: “I will listen to what God the LORD says; he promises peace to his people, his faithful servants– but let them not turn again to folly.” 

I hope there is something in all of this that will help someone who reads it.

God bless you as you uncover your folly in the presence of the Father who loves you and is for you, not against you.


2 comments on “I have played the fool….

  1. Elaine Whittington says:

    I’m not commenting on this post as such but just to say although I never reply to your posts I read them all and I’m always either encouraged, challenged or kicked up the back side! Thank you Kenny for your discipline of asking Jesus, listening, responding, then sharing with all of us. Bless you.


  2. Lynn says:

    There’s a verse that says – be wise as serpents and gentle as doves
    There’s another one that says – by their fruit you shall know them
    Sometimes in our attempt to be loving and kind we can think it’s being unloving and unkind to lay down boundaries
    Remember reading a book about working with homeless and hurting folk, but the trouble was, and it was Jackie Pullinger who said this, or one of those working with or for her, that said this, that the team were really good at doing the loving and the kind, but because there were no boundaries, the ones they were reaching out to, were doing whatever they liked…….


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