Alone…in church?

(I posted what is written below on “Facebook” earlier this morning. However just before I send this blog with the same material, I heard the Lord say for somebody, You are more spectacular than you know: not boring, not slow, not plodding. You are my definition of ‘spectacular.’ I can only assume this addition is for someone who reads my blogs who might not have seen the posting on Facebook, so read what follows with that in mind.)

OK then, another “word thingy” for someone. I say someone, but it maybe is for more than “one”. I have discovered there are spiritual seasons, where what is being experienced by one is being experienced by many. Anyway, I will leave aside the mechanics by which this “word thingy” came to me, but here it is:

“You have seen many of your friends leave the church fellowship you love and speed off quite happily into what they believe will be their future in God. You have seen others stay in the church and jump from bandwagon to bandwagon with great excitement. You didn’t feel led to go on either of these types of journey with your friends. Rightly so. They are speeding into winter not into spring. You felt that was the case in your spiritual bones but their excitement already had a head of steam that could not hear your level headed expressions of concerned love. Jesus looking at the rich young ruler loved him even though he was about to make a wrong choice. You have shared in that love albeit within the context of the household of faith. However, the cost is this. You feel left alone; yes, that is so, but you carry life within you. Some of the speedsters will return to their senses and to closer fellowship with you than before, though at the moment the sense of distance is not only established but increasing, for they have ignored speed limits placed by God in His Word. You have the maturity to keep no score of wrongs when they do return. What a well of salvation is in you. Keep going, step by step. Keep moving forward into new discoveries new steps of obedience and service. The well within will deepen even more. Others will come to draw water. What a joyful day that will be.”

God bless


3 comments on “Alone…in church?

  1. Amanda Etheridge says:

    Dear Rev.Kenny and Morag

    Wow! What a blessed and bless-ed Word for the Weary.

    I can see your Dad, Kenny, standing in Heaven with God. Your Dad is saying ‘That’s my boy!’ and our Father is replying ‘Aye, that’s My boy!’

    Don’t post this comment unless you feel its truth. You are a Master Baker, a Graduate of Heaven (yours and Morag’s names are on The Rolls!!).

    May God continue to bless you and the Bakery and the Staff!



  2. Fran Brady says:

    That’ left behind’ feeling: I know it well. Also the trying-to-keep-up feeling which has only led to feeling a failure, a has-been, even a fuddy-duddy! Growing through these stages to a clearer view of what God wants of me and for me has brought peace of mind and a clearer sense of calling. It’s not about keeping up with others at all; it’s about keeping up with God. And he is a patient. wise mentor who never makes me feel inadequate or – heaven forbid (literally) a failure.


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