An extra blog…courtesy of R.T. Kendall.

Was reminded of this verse while listening to an online sermon by R.T. Kendall:

“I have set the Lord always before me” (Psalm 16 verse 8 a)

Of course He is always there, but on those days when I am not particularly conscious of His presence, I can “set” Him there before me. I can do things that help me do just that, such as reading the bible, praying etc.

When we are conscious of His presence we can change the verse as Peter did on the day of Pentecost: “I saw the Lord always before me.” These times are precious and it is the Lord helping us to experience His love for us.

However, when we are not conscious of the Lord, but choose to always set Him before us is our way of expressing  our love for Him.

Anyway, I found that helpful and thought I would share it. Hope it helps you too.

With thanks to R.T.

God bless


5 comments on “An extra blog…courtesy of R.T. Kendall.

  1. Angela says:

    Thank you Kenny (&RT)!
    Today weariness has finally overtaken me. I was just looking up one of my favourite verses and getting ready to listen to. You-tube album of Hope & Healing by Don Moen.
    After forcing myself to do various things before trying a short walk, I so need to simply meditate…


  2. Judy Gordon says:

    Thank you Kenny. R.T. Kendall’s books have helped me so much I must find his sermons too. When I am feeling ‘ lost’ and Jesus feels so distant I sing ‘turn your eyes upon Jesus’ as I walk along the beach. God bless you kenny


  3. Lesley Mackwell says:

    Sooo tired this morning. Managed to fall asleep again after breakfast & prayers( before Peter left for work before 7.00am.)A sudden burst of power tools from our adjacent neighbours at 7.44am was not appreciated. Constant ice scrapers and running of engines ever since … More power tools.
    . Good to know afresh the Lord’s peace & presence even when I’m tempted 👿to react from a very unloving perspective. Thanks for a very timely word !


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