Walk away….and win the victory.


The wisdom from above knows when to yield according to James. It knows when to walk away from situations and even from people. Jesus modelled it. He knew when to be silent and not be drawn into further conversation when onlookers might have thought He could have said another sentence or even a first sentence to win the day. He knew as well when to walk away from people, even lost or needy people, whom maybe others would have felt He should have run after or pursued or at least stayed with.

Wisdom in the bible is never simply an intellectual affair. It is to do with help from God to live with our humanity in its simplicity and complexity. It is about how we relate to ourselves, those around us and the world on the larger sphere. Clever people exist who are brilliant in terms of intellect but have no wisdom. Their cleverness does not  necessarily translate into knowing how to live life. In fact in the living of their lives they may be monumentally stupid, chaotic and destructive of themselves and others.

 So here is a question that limited energy and strength forces me personally to ask these days: am I fighting unnecessary battles? That thought has been playing around my head this morning, in fact playing around my spirit with regard to anyone who may read this blog, for in a sense all of us have limited resources and none of us can make a day last more than 24 hours, or halt the racing on of the years and the coming and going of opportunities from God that we may grasp hold of or miss. We can miss the battles of the Lord in the Land of Salvation because we have not learned to yield in the place of unnecessary battles which He never asked us to fight which may have turned  into a prolonged siege situation; exhausting with no forward movment. So I leave you to think of this:
 Are you wearing yourself out with an unnecessary battle? Be wise with the wisdom from above that knows when to walk away and allow others to do the same.”


God bless


5 comments on “Walk away….and win the victory.

  1. Penny Mathews says:

    Thank you Kenny


  2. Angela says:

    So true that we often fight when we should not.
    Perhaps for some the reason is their own hurts twisting perception of others or events.
    And maybe their comfort and healing has been elusive or hindered.
    May all who are deeply wounded find healing from God who has often kept me from hanging on to pursuit of justice instead wisdom from Him.


    • Amanda Etheridge says:

      Thank you Angela for the biblehub.com link. God bless you for your faithfulness.

      Thank you Rev. Kenny too. God bless you and Morag.



  3. Lynn Lindsay says:

    Thank you so much, Kenny !!!!
    God Bless you !!!!


  4. Heather Cooper says:

    Great wisdom Kenny. Thank you.

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