The most penetrating question I have ever been asked….

The most powerful question the Father ever asked me:

“Kenny will you be content with a secret vindication?”

If God ever asks you that same question, He will be asking it not a minute too early. It is preparation before a storm. Say “Yes” and never take back your “Yes.” Make a decision to seek the honour that comes from God in priority over the favourable glances of other people. Of course there were spells in Jesus own life where He found favour and honour from God and man coming in His direction at one and the same moment, but ever the honour and favour that comes from God has to be what we treasure most. You may have to live with injustice never put right, your name never cleared. Those are the times when we can not only rejoice but learn to leap for joy with help from heaven.

God bless you with leaping when you need to leap,


2 comments on “The most penetrating question I have ever been asked….

  1. Lynn Lindsay says:

    Oh Bless you Kenny !!!!
    and leaving the outcome to Father takes the pressure off too !!!!


  2. Angela says:

    It is hard to be judged but justification is better than vindication; there are many who are tormented by knowledge of their own foolishness in the past.
    For them, there is no vindication. What remains, and is better, is the knowledge that all of us fall short of the mark and that not one is righteous without the grace of sins removed as far as the East is from the West.
    Their repentance and trust in what the Lord has done is more important.
    So it should be for all of us. But it feels good when lies are shown to be that, or misunderstandings are addressed.
    Grace has been extended to us. Knowing that, we can but extend grace to others who may have judged and gossiped, and when they show repentance.
    Vindication comforts us.
    True justification by the blood of Christ is powerful to comfort all.


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