You never thought of that, did you?

The book I am using for my personal devotions at the moment is called, “Sanctuary, Moments in His Preaence” by David Strutt. I have been so blessed through reading and re-reading the story of the 4 lepers in 2 Kings 7, which David’s book has focussed on for the last few days as part of a mini series on Elisha. If you are in the habit of reading my blog thoughts, well, you will probably be the sort of person who knows that story without having to look it up. If you don’t know it, then read it before you read any more of my words….

The lepers only saw limited options as they looked at the situation facing them. They stumbled into a glorious answer to their predicament that was not on their radar at all – not that they would have understood that metaphor!

I am writing this on a Sunday. It is unlikely I will be in church this morning  as I had a glorious day preaching yesterday in Dunfermline. That means I am tired today, but happily so. However, I am thinking of those who will be gathering today in congregations of all types, sizes etc. As I do, I am wondering if there will be people who have come to worship carrying an options list about situations that vex them? Well, I am not really wondering if that may be the case. It will be so.

I love the story of every believer in Christ in Ephesians 2. Paul paints a pretty black picture of what we are before the grace of God is activated in our experience, so black that you would think the only otpion facing us was eternal exclusion from the presence of the Lord. Then we read a thought that could be summed up in two words: BUT GOD! All of a sudden, a reality which the flow of Paul’s argument would never have predicted, erupts on to the scene! Because of the rich mercy and love of God in Christ, all of a sudden those who were described as children of wrath, are pictured as sitting in fellowship with the Son of God in the love of the Father.

“But God!” I am praying that may happen as the Church gathers across the land this day. Of course I hope it most in terms of its orginal setting: Oh that people would be saved this day in Scotland and beyond our borders! However, I am also hoping, believing,  for the principle of “But God” to break through in other ways too for those who are carrying their list of limited options regarding  situations they or their loved ones are facing.

It may be that you, yourself, are one of these people I am thinking of and  praying for as I write. Before this day ends may you find yourself confining the limited options list to the bin. Oh yes, throw it our along with the calculator and the Abacus ( that is a message for someone I beleive). God has ways of working out figures that defy the laws of Arithmetic. Rest from your continual calculations that are wearing you out, day and night.

God Bless




11 comments on “You never thought of that, did you?

  1. Colin Mutch says:

    Thanks again Kenny for your encouragement. I am planning on using that wonderful phrase ‘but God’ this morning at Southside. It’s a phrase I’ve come to love over the last few months. Bless you my friend


  2. judithjamesdavies says:

    Thank you Kenny. This morning I asked the Lord for a specific word regarding my future and how He was going to work it out. I guess you could say I was worn out trying to calculate HOW He could arrange things ( I had lots of suggestions for Him, of course ). And then I read this Word. I am embracing it and believing that He is able to do exceedingly,abundantly beyond anything I can think or imagine. Bless you for your faithfulness in bringing the Word He gives you, today I was the happy recipient 😇😇😇😇


  3. Lynn says:

    For He Who turned the sea into dry land
    For He Who turned water into wine
    For He Who fed the five thousand men, never mind women and children, with a few fish and a few loaves of bread and Still had More left over than there was to begin with
    For He Who healed and restored the lame, the outcast, the blind, the lepers too, and raised the dead to life
    For He Who’s Thoughts are Greater than our thoughts
    Absolutely Nothing is impossible
    All Blessing and Honour, Glory and Power be unto Him
    Who sits on the Throne
    and yet is Closer than a brother
    God Bless you Kenny !!!!


  4. Lynn Lindsay says:

    Thanks so much for your encouragement Kenny, but this I know with All my heart, for I’ve learnt it and continue to learnt it, that it’s more than possible to know many things that are the truth, but until I know the One Who Himself is the Truth and humbly depend on Him, then all it does is makes me either a zealot or a pharisee or a combination of the two which is such horrible place to be !!!


  5. Heather says:

    Amen and Amen


  6. Angela says:

    Thanks, Kenny. Hope you had a good night.
    The theme of God being able to fulfil His purposes/word/provision is such a rich one that I have so often failed to glimpse except in a limited human way.
    But it was the same for so many in the Bible. Human understanding and weakness got in the way of His plans (Abraham, Saul, Peter to name a few) with one exception, Jesus.
    I’m learning though!


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