Perfect Day!

As believers we live in the mystery of the “already here, still coming, but not yet Kingdom of God.” The only choice we have is to live in that mystery well or badly! We taste the first fruits of that coming day of no more suffering, no more pain, no more death, no more tears, we are longing for. When Kingdom signs present themselves to our experience, they point onwards, away from themselves to a place and a time still to be arrived at. These signs and wonders moments, remind us we are on the right road and that our hope is not in vain.

That is all fairly basic Christian teaching. I like the way Henri Nouwen expresses something of the way we carry the mystery of that in our own being, in our own experience of day to day living. I thought I would just share his words with you:

“We all have dreams about the perfect life: a life without pain, sadness, conflict or war.The spiritual challenge is to experience glimpses of this perfect life right in the middle of our many struggles. By embracing the reality of our mortal life we can get in touch with the eternal life that has been sown there.”

I liked that when I read it today. I want to be intentionally aware of eternal life here and now, aware of how and when the future is invading the now, looking intentionally for these glimpses of the perfect day whose dawn and ever rising sun we live in right here and now, in this very moment. Strikes me that to actively live like that more deeply still, would be a blessing worth finding.

Hope this blesses you as it blessed me


One comment on “Perfect Day!

  1. Lynn says:

    Eternal Life is Knowing Him
    and starts in this life, in the here and now
    Bless you Kenny !!!


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