Near…but not in yet…..

Dear friends

I am aware that my blog is read by people that I would never have thought would read such a blog. Today, I am thinking of those of you, perhaps from the UK, perhaps from another land, who have lived near the borders of becoming a Christian, but perhaps are unsure how to move from being near Christ’s family to being in that family for all eternity.

Today  was the funeral of a world famous evangelist, called Billy Graham. You may not have heard of him and you may not know what an evangelist is. Bascially an evangelist is someone who has been specially gifted by God’s Holy Spirit  to share the good news of Jesus with those who do not yet know him. God uses them to  help people  believe and become followers of Jesus Christ. Having watched the funeral on television, I wrote something on Facebook that I want to post here as this goes to many more countries than my Facebook posts. I hope it may help some of you to move from being near Christ’s Kingdom to living within it now and for eternity,  by the grace of God.

“Just watched Billy Graham’s funeral. So thankful for the gloriously simple and true gospel he preached and his son preached today. It is still the power of God to save all who believe, still the rescue from eternal perishing. It may just be there are some people who come across this post who are wanting to become Christians, looking for an answer to the guilt you know is truly yours because of sin. Here are 4 simple steps.

A – something to ADMIT. Along with everyone bar Jesus Christ alone, we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God. We are cut off from the heavenly home he wants to share with us, cut off from living in close fellowship with him in this life and in the life to come.

B – there is something to BELIEVE. Any good deeds or religious service or works cannot save me from my sins. You may have discovered that by personal experience: trying to be good, to do good things, to do the things religious people do, but the awareness of a real gap is still there. Only Jesus can bring you into fellowship with Your Heavenly Father who is reaching out to you in love right now. God the Father so loved us and wanted us to be saved and have eternal life rather than perish eternally because of our sins. He gave His Son to bear our sins on the cross that sin’s just punishment should be borne by Jesus for us. Jesus willingly came to the earth in the love of his Father for us to do just that. He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquities. The bible teaches us this: the punishment that Jesus bore brings the offer of peace to you and to me.

C – There is something to CONSDER. The cost of asking Jesus into your life and becoming his follower. Are you willing to make Him your Lord in all things? Are you willing to let him help you turn from all that is not the will of God for your living and embrace His will for you in all things for the rest of your days on earth? You will not manage perfect obedience all in one go, but Jesus will live in you day by day to help you in this life of being continually changed.

D – There is something to DO. Ask Jesus to come into your life by the Holy Spirit. If you mean it, He will, no shadow of doubt about it. At that moment you will be freed from the consequences of your sin and become a child of God loved with a love that will remain with you through all things and from which not even death will be able to separate you. Find a church that will honour the step you have taken, where this gospel is believed and preached and share fellowship with Christ’s people. Keep looking until you find yourself in a church that feels like the right one to encourage you, where you feel at peace within. The people there will help you in your early steps in your new life, your new life as a born again Christian.”

God bless you,


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  1. Lynn Lindsay says:

    God Bless you too, Kenny !!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing !!!!


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