The Ancient battle…

In one conversation the battle of the ages is set:

“Has God said you shall not eat….” An attack on the truth of the goodness of God. It works: Eve extends the prohibition spoken by God to include not even being allowed to touch the tree. Job done. God’s loving goodness cast in doubt: He is harsh and kill-joy and will spoil our freedom to fully enjoy life, so cast His chains aside.

“You shall not die…” An attack on the truth that God actively judges sin, that its wages are death, spiritual and physical. Job done. God’s wrath against sin cast in doubt.

Today millions of people will gather together, in fellowships small and large, who have been set free from Satan’s lies by Jesus Christ to honour who God is, who He unchangingly was, is and always will be. They will rejoice together that Jesus has opened their blind eyes to the loving goodness of our Heavenly Father and borne and taken the judgement, the death that was ours on the cross. May millions more yet sing the Song of the Lamb slain since the foundation of the world, the Lord Himself, pierced not for his transgressions but for ours.

God bless