Were you allowed to enjoy childhood?

The bible seems to speak of stages of growth in Christ. For example in 1st. John we read of Children, Young adults and Parents in the faith (to bring up to date “children, young men and fathers”).

I have found over the years that many Christians have been denied a spiritual childhood. Just as in the natural when people have been denied childhood simplicity and carefreeness from responsibility, all sort of problems can follow, well, it is the same when people have been denied the simple security and enjoyment of a spiritual childhood. They have been rushed on to be involved in service, or force grown in the Word, before they have even known the Father and reached a security in His love. Minds and service expand fast, but hearts are stunted.

…and so it can happen, that people are involved deeply in the Lord’s work but forever insecure in the Lord’s love. I think it would surprise many a leader how deeply insecure many people in the pews are in the Father’s delight in them, many who are indeed deeply involved in the church and have been for years. They are serving beyond their hearts. When grace breaks through a new longing is birthed. Even those regarded as Fathers and Mothers in the faith find a new song rising in their hearts:

“I want to be a child again
I want to see the world through five year old eyes
To walk with my God wherever He may lead
to put my trust in Him.”

God bless


One comment on “Were you allowed to enjoy childhood?

  1. Linda Watson says:

    Dear Kenny. Thank you so much for your wisdom – this struck such a chord. I trusted the Lord as a child out of fear, now I so long to know him and feel he is delighted in me. (I read it this morning in Psalm 149 so now I’m thinking it must be true!!)


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