Energy saving tips…

My energy levels are not what they were. It is good when you are given wise advice, practical advice, in the form of energy saving tips!

Grateful for 2 such tips from Henri Nouwen. Thought I would share them.

1: Making judgements about other people wastes a lot of energy. “We hear a lot, see a lot and know a lot. The feeling we have to sort it all out in our minds and make judgements about it can be quite oppressive.” ( Bread for the Journey)

2: The need to decide what to focus energy upon. “What is my main task during ‘my little while’? I want to point to the signs of the Kingdom to come, to speak about the first rays of the day of God, to witness to the many manifestations of the Holy Spirit among us. I do not want to complain about this passing world but to focus on the eternal that lights up in the midst of the temporal. I yearn to create space where it can be seen and celebrated.” (Sabbatical Journey)

May these tips bless you too!


One comment on “Energy saving tips…

  1. Iain Penman says:

    As one who has spent a lifetime trying to ‘work things out’ with very little success I may say this a word for me. ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’ they say. I heartily agree


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