I worked an average of over 80 hours a week over my whole ministry, sometimes much more than that. I would have denied I had any choice in the matter. In hindsight, I did have many choices, I just made wrong choices at times. Thinking of the possible effects of all of that on wellbeing as I rest in bed after yesterday’s heart procedure….Any choices you made or are making that you need to reconsider, or that you need to admit were not God, but you?

God bless your thinking


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  1. Lesley Mackwell says:

    Hindsight is a wonderful gift, there are so many
    things I could and should have done or said differently , or not at all. Yet I wonder whether at the time I
    made those decisions did I have the experience
    Or maturity I have now? The more I wonder the more obvious it becomes that the Lord is sooo gracious turning my many blundering gaffes to his glory. Yes
    I did plenty in my own strength, wrong definitely, but motivation? 😕Think the serenity prayer & thank the Lord for His mercy . Rest & be blessed , still so much to learn 🙏


  2. Noella Ross says:

    Wishing you a full recovery and even more time listening to God as you do. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.


  3. Lynn Lindsay says:

    Abba Bless you dear Kenny !!!
    Another dear retired minister, led our prayer time last week and talked about the same thing, being led by God, or being driven by others and/or our own expectations.
    All thanks to Christ Jesus Who says to Come to Him, all you who are weary and burdened !!


  4. Heather J Temple-Williams says:

    Hi Kenny,

    I hope the procedure went well. As the wife of a retired vicar I know how hard it is to make those choices. It feels like disobedience, being self-centred and not God-centred, that you’re letting people down, and letting God down. It doesn’t matter how many times we read that God rested, we feel we can’t.

    And then we pay the price. Praying for your recovery this week. Heather


  5. Angela says:

    Indeed, yes! Recent years have been exactly that: dealing with facing errors and admitting them before the Lord. What waves of grace and mercy overwhelmed me every time I said, ‘That was not your will, Lord, but my weakness. Forgive me and help me to follow you alone.’
    Mercy, not getting what I deserve. Grace, getting what I don’t deserve.
    And He never abandons or forsakes, the only Rock.
    May recovery be steady and without complications, both for you Kenny, and for those who approach God for grace and mercy.


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