Caw, Caw! Tweet!

Slept well. Up early. Looking out at a beautiful morning. Wish I could sing with the lark or even caw like the crows to declare the faithfulness and compassion of God, declare it to all creation, to all things seen and unseen! Wish I had the words to declare it to you, especially if you are doubting it.

The last few years frequently brought me to places that looked like a succession of dead ends at first, physically, financially, house and home wise, ministry wise too, etc. . But there never has been a dead end. The only blocked road has been a return to the way it was, the road often tried as a first reaction when game changing happenings strike. That option, the way back, was an option I quickly came to see was shut off in the goodness of God’s will and wisdom. But often the way ahead looked as though it was blocked too. Without being over dramatic, I found myself thinking from time to time of God’s chosen people, Israel, Egypt behind them, but the Red sea before them. The verse that has been proved true to me now, probably in more ways than I have fully recognised, is Psalm 77 verse 19 in the New Living Translation “Your road led through the sea , your pathway through the mighty waters – a pathway no one knew was there!”

It is so wonderful God can see pathways through the sea and open them up for His people to walk upon. If you are standing looking at mighty waters, remember God can see a path no one else can see. In my experience of the last few years of many adjustments, the path of God for me – even though not always easy ground to journey on – has been paved with God’s Compassion and Faithfulness in all things. That has come to me, to us, through believer and non believer alike, who have shown care beyond what I feel I deserved to expect. I was reminded of that two days ago now, when I saw tears of compassion forming in the eyes of some NHS staff as they talked with me. One turned away even to hide her tears after listening to my story. I never expected that! Where you find God’s love and care threaded into life never ceases to move me.

Remember this, early on in this new day which you may be greeting with dread rather than wanting to sing like the birds: God knows the way He is taking. Walk on the path he unfolds for you. Rough terrain? At times, yes. But His Compassion fails not. His faithfulness is great.

God bless


4 comments on “Caw, Caw! Tweet!

  1. Linda McLean says:

    Hi Kenny
    Linda McLean (Murray) here from uni days. Just wanted to say glad your op went well and also how much your blogs touch my spirit. Thank you for your faithfulness to God through all you are coming through. Your love for God shines through and it is a big blessing to me to be encouraged by your faith.


  2. Scgsmall says:

    Thank you Kenny. I’ve followed your blog for a few weeks now after my minister, Maggie Lane, shared it. Your words speak to me so much, and help me a great deal. Thank you. Over the past few years God has taken me on a path I never thought was possible. It’s been rough, tough and painful at times but it’s also been amazingly wonderful in ways I never thought possible. Thank you and God bless.


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