Spirit to spirit…

Some people are so afraid of false fire that they settle for no fire of the Spirit at all, so sign, no wonder, no miracle, all disdained under slight of hand saying, “Of course Salvation is the greatest miracle.” Of course it is, who is arguing with that? Such fear does not bring any glory to God. In fact it robs Him of His glory.

Which is greater: our Father’s ability to answer the sincere prayers of His children when they ask Him for the Gift and gifts of His Holy Spirit or the devil’s ability to sneak in there past the Father’s watchful love as He listens and answers the prayers of His people asking in response to the encouragement of His trustworthy Word? Come on folks! Counterfeit means there is real. They can look the same. That is why we need the gift of discernment of spirits. It is impossible to make right judgement about what is happening, by any other means. Observation, common sense, accurate knowledge of the bible are all helpful, but taken all together are still insufficient to make that call. A good mind cannot work these things out either. This is a Spirit to spirit business. The unspiritual person,  who by definition has settled into living  from their soul – their  mind and emotions, their  strong will about matters – cannot receive such things.

God bless


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  1. Angela says:

    Yes! Some refuse Christianity because in their perception, Christians are hypocrites. They deny the power and reality of faith due to confusion about human imperfections, and throw out the possibility of good spiritual power at work in the lives of those who may have caused wounds and disillusionment.
    Focus, as you describe so well, needs to be on what is true, not on human weakness.
    It is the latter that demands and cries out for transformational power from God.


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