“Father, I ask…I pray for…”

Recently a couple of folk have shared with me how they were healed in the past when I prayed for them. I also heard of someone, just a couple of nights ago, whose condition had improved and whose pain had been lessened for a few years, which gave them much needed relief. I did not know that had happened, so it was nice to hear the news.

In the charismatic world we have made healing very complicated, usually with the best of intentions. We want to see people experiencing the healing power of God. However, these good intentions have often made it seem as though unless you pray in the right way, speak in the right way, use the correct  formula of words, then healing will not happen. The end result is that healing can focus more on our ministering method than on God, which ultimately means less healing happens., though often exaggerated claims are made. I was once at a meeting at which the speaker had a world wide repuation for a genuine healing ministry, and was teaching a “method” of praying for healing. Despite repeated requests for testimonies, there were no testimonies to healing forthcoming, but the website of the ministry involved said that loads of folk had been healed in that self same meeting.

As far as I can remember, I used no formula when praying for the people mentioned above. I simply came to the Father through Jesus the Son, prayed with the help of the Holy Spirit and left the matter there. I did not declare anything, command anything, promise anything. I believe there can be a place for commanding, declaring, promising etc., but it has become hugely overdone in my opinion and is leading to disappointment. Turning God into a technique never works.  It is not the wisest way to relate to the Living God.

Perhaps you are one who has attended courses, conferences, etc on healing for genuine reasons; you believe in healing and want to see more of it happen… but after all that you have learned and put into practice, you are still disappointed. It could be that because of that you have even retreated a bit when it comes to the whole subject of healing.

I wonder if you need to get back to an old fashioned humbler way, sometimes even taught against now in charismatic circles, or despised as showing  a lack of faith? Just come to the Father, through Jesus the Son and ask Him to heal. Leave the matter there, unless you know that you know that the Spirit is prompting you to do or say something further. Often there will be results that no one may tell you about until years later. Indeed you may not hear about them until  heaven. That is fine is it not? After all, it is for His eternal glory we do anything we do…or is it?

God bless


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  1. Angela says:

    I think I would apply that same simple philosophy (or faith) to any of the gifts of the Spirit as well as to all the benefits of salvation (Paalm 103) which include healing. Jesus said and did only what he heard and saw his Father saying and doing.
    That was his simplicity and strength.
    I fall way below that but keep learning, or that is my desire!


  2. Elaine Bonham says:

    Very helpful Kenny, was just mulling all this over recently. Thank you.


  3. Louisa Dawson says:

    Thanks Kenny, so true, there is no set formula, simple faith and the Blood of Jesus.I was healed from Clinical Depression at Struthers church Glasgow when Mr.Hugh Black prayed for me.Never needed medication again and never depressed again and that was 1998.Praise God.

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  4. Lynn Lindsay says:

    Several years ago my husband’s beloved Mum developed a 4cm tumour in one of her lungs; my hubby and I kept praying for her up until she saw the specialist, a few weeks later.
    On arrival at the hospital, the specialist asked for another x-ray to be taken, and when we went back to the doctor, she said, I don’t know what you had, but it’s not there now.
    So grateful !!!

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  5. Rosemary Lincoln says:

    I LOVE this post Kenny and yes, 30 odd years of different methods etc took me to be the one you might be speaking to in your second last paragraph! Thanks and God Bless – R


  6. Annette Masters says:

    Couldn’t agree more ……Gentle Saviour closest friend strong deliverer beginning and end – we bow before His Majesty.


  7. George Wilson says:

    Hi Kenny, Thank you once more for your words!

    I am reminded of the first occasion I was invited to be part of a ministry team in Perth, Scotland. So many years ago I forget.
    It was my first time in this particular function!

    Prior to the actual evening meeting after which ministry was to take place, I was a bag of nerves!

    Eventually, at the meeting place, I got hold of the reality that I may only be a conduit for the work of the Holy Spirit to carry out the healing regardless of what form that healing may take!

    My main memory from that meeting was almost a command to me to just stand behind someone until something happened!

    Everybody else had moved on to pray for other people, but I was still standing guard behind a lady with her walking stick as she in time succumbed to the slaying action of the Holy Spirit.

    Eventually she did fall back and I eased her fall and then got her walking stick which had gone in a totally different direction and placed it at her side!

    I have no idea what blessing, refreshing or healing she may have received.

    I think by that point everyone else had been prayed for/with, so I just returned to my seat.

    The reality that it was God doing the healing, not me, was liberating!

    I couldn’t deal with the burden if I thought I had to do the healing.

    Now, so many years later I see that as a wise thought!

    After all who am I to consider myself to effectively be God!

    Anybody who does, will in time find out the error of their ways. Hopefully, before they die so they have the opportunity to repent and be forgiven by the only true God:Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


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