Looking at the birds…thinking….of you?

Love this time of the year! The baby birds are so tame. I guess they have not learned fear yet. They soon will, for their own protection, but the fear will probably be a bit indiscriminate, in that they will become afraid of me when there is no need. I have no malevolence towards them, but nonetheless, soon they will fly away when I come out to feed them, whereas for a few weeks they are quite happy to hop around and stay put! Some in time will learn a boldness again, I guess, and quite happily hop around human beings at tables in city centre cafes, or fly into garden centres. Their fears will have become a bit more appropriate.

It saddened me to meet human beings ,when I was in parish ministry, in whom fear of people had been awakened for understandable reasons, but in whom that fear had spilled over its appropriate borders to make them afraid of almost every situation of human contact. That makes life so difficult.

Perhaps that describes you? If it does, then I pray that somehow God will help you with that fear which has gone into overdrive. There is a positive and wise caution and common sense, that can be good, for not everybody is trustworthy. It could be however, that at the moment, you feel you can only live and survive by cutting off contact with just about all people, which may be include those through whom God means to bless you and enrich your life, people who will be the channel of God releasing you from the hold of all pervasive fear.

If that is you, you have been in my prayers this morning. Can you dare to believe you will not always be afraid of people? I hope that seed of hope may be planted in you this very day.

God bless you,