Dreamy thoughts…

OK, this wee post won’t interest all. If it seems to talk about things you find a bit weird, don’t bother about it. It’s about dreams – so decide to read on or not!

The fact is God speaks in dreams still. That has been part of my experience of Him since the age of 3. I had a very significant dream then, another significant dream about 30 years of my life when I was about 7, a repeating dream from 13 onwards, and another repeating dream in my 30’s. There have been loads more, but these were extremely significant and spoke of the shape of life, health, family and ministry as well as spiritual attack that would come, and were fulfilled as time passed, in each detail.

This is what I have been thinking today in the light of dreams of more recent years:

Some teach wrongly that you should only listen to dreams that are birthed from your spirit and ignore those which come from your human soul. It is actually vital to note the content a of soulish dreams. They often give insight into false identities we have taken onboard, false ideas about destiny and worth and can be an indication where we need the healing of God’s love and truth. I had many soulish dreams at the time I had to give up parish ministry. They were vital in my healing, my letting go of old things, letting go of Identities I or others would hold me to, and vital to help me take a leap into empty space and trust God to help me progress to new things in God. Don’t ignore your soul. As a guide, soulish dreams are rarely if ever colourful. That is just what I have found, but I have no basis to make that a rule though others more versed in this type of stuff seem confident to make it a rule. However, yes, in my limited experience, soulish dreams are pretty colourless.

It’s almost midnight! May God bless your dreams or give you a dream free night if that would bless you more!


7 comments on “Dreamy thoughts…

  1. Angela says:

    Kenny, I would like to understand more about what you mean by a dream being colourless; is that literal, kind of grey? Or maybe you refer to lacking in vivid quality and adventure?
    My father went blind from glaucoma in his old age but his dreams were not dark. He dreamed in full colour though unable when awake to know the sun was shining brightly.


    • revkennyblog says:

      If you try and note this, you will see that not all dreams are in colour. Some are black and white, others are murky. Those differences can sometimes show the origin of a dream, whether it is from the Spirit to our spirit, from our soul, I.e from our own mind or will or emotions or maybe even a demonic attack.


      • Angela says:

        Thanks Kenny. Still need a bit of clarity, sorry if I am slow! Like Lesley below I tend to find that if a dream means something is is from the Lord, it unfolds in clear ways with the meaning too, even if over a couple of days.
        Correct me if I am wrong but it seems a demonic attack via a dream might not be colourful?


      • revkennyblog says:

        I tend to find that the lies of the enemy come as black and white or muted almost seedy colours. If you look on Yutube there is a lot of teaching by John Paul Jackson, one of the very best teachers on this type of stuff. Watching one will lead to another! Superb stuff!


  2. Lynn Lindsay says:

    Thank you so much for sharing, Kenny !!!
    Abba Bless you in your dreaming and your waking ,!!


  3. Lesley Mackwell says:

    Aware of the number of medications I take that can influence my dreams I often wonder how to be sure where my dreams are from, especially in stressful times. So now try to pray that if the Lord is speaking
    Through a dream I will remember it , if not I won’t be aware of it.
    When I do remember a dream it is often a warning about a situation that arises out of the blue in the next 24 hours. Wondering now am I missing out?


  4. Angela says:

    Kenny, I was watching John Paul Jackson during the time between my last comment and your response. 🙂
    He was an inspirational man.


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