God has Life in himself…

It is always good to know that Satan and his hordes are not free to do as they will. They need permission. I have only seen a demon once with my eyes. It happened 40 years ago. There were a couple of incidents where my life was threatened. After they occurred I saw a demon looking to God asking for permission to end my life. Permission was not given. I have never seen a painting, even in salivating mediaeval genre that adequately expresses the horror of the figure I saw. It was not hideous in a stereotypical nightmare sense. Rather it was the epitome of non life, with an unswerving , religious committment, a sense of vow even toward its cause of non life… It is good that all our days are written in God’s book before one of them came to be!

The Father has life in Himself and has granted it to the Son to have life in Himself and to give life to those He wills, those who are given to Him. Non life is a death worse than physical…


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