What really matters?

Funny how what interests us changes over the years. Speaking personally, I could not care less now about what the star was or how old was Jesus when the Wise Men visited him, or was it a cave/stable etc etc., though such things drew my attention in the past. Sermons on such things bore me more than I could tastefully express. Now that frailty has truly dispelled any thoughts of being able to manage, all I care about is that in Jesus I don’t need to be afraid for God has come to be with me in grace… on this I can meditate day and night; in this I rejoice; this I experience with the wonder of a child who has stumbled though the wardrobe of my own world into another world, where how things really are in all worlds becomes clear to me.

God bless


3 comments on “What really matters?

  1. Kriss says:

    Cracking . 💥💥💥💥


  2. lesjon says:

    While with Him, He shows me things that are not of this world. Like daydreaming but more vivid, the colours, sounds, tastes and even smells are all heightened too Godly standards but even so this is but a poor reflection to what He has in store for all of us. He puts things into a more easily managed form for our brains to comprehend, as His Kingdom is too mind blowing for us. But on that day when we all go to meet Him, all will be revealed and it wouldn’t blow our minds because we will be with Him, it’ll be like coming home from a dark and dingy cold country in to the warmth light and love of His country. Everything will be turned up side down but it will be the right way up. We, all of us and Him will be as one. Glorious day indeed. But this is only what He shows me, maybe other people will see it differently but it doesn’t really matter, He so vast and His Kingdom can accommodate whatever we can comprehend. He is such a good good Father.


  3. Jackie Cowan says:

    Totally agree Kenny Happy Christmas to you and your family, JESUS is the reason for the season. Many blessings Jackie Cowan


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