To help you…

If you struggle with an overdeveloped sense of responsibility for everything and everyone, like I do, you will at times be weighed down with false guilt. I find it helpful to ask these questions that keep me in the reality for which I am responsible, asking for the help of the Spirit of Truth/Reality as I do so ( I found them in “Advent and Christmas with Thomas Merton.”).”

“How have I been unkind in thoughts, words and actions? Am I refusing to forgive anyone? Do I despise any group or person?Am I a prisoner to fear, anxiety, worry, guilt, inferiority, or hatred of myself?”

(Hope this helps my fellow believers with neurotic tendencies – and by the way, there are many of us. If, on the other hand, you are a believer with psychopathic tendencies, and I have met many of you, I am not sure I live within your skin enough to be able to say anything helpful to help you embrace true responsibility towards others… then again, that may not be worrying you! But, come to think about it, the same questions asked in the strength of the same Holy Spirit, could perhaps hep you after all.)

God bless