Never left School?

“Although you are in your 60’s or 70’s your school tie is still a noose round your neck.”

I think the Lord wanted me to post that “word.” I can see many diverse ways to interpret that, but prophecy is not meant to be a matter of the messenger’s own personal understanding or interpretation, so I simply pass on what I think I saw and heard from the Lord and leave it with you. It is all He gave, and I don’t want to begin in the Spirit and end up continuing in the flesh, to take a verse of Scripture out of context!

If it is for you, if the tie fits as it were, I pray in advance and with simple child like faith that you will find yourself reading this. May you receive it as the Lord’s care and compassion for you, and an indicator it is not too late to receive His help and freeing touch. Ask Him if there is anything you should do with this word. There may be, there may not be. Even the reading of it and receiving it as it stands, may release freedom from what binds you from your school years.

By the way, I should add one more detail. The very definite sense I had was that this was a Secondary School tie, rather than a Primary School tie. Thought I should just mention that.

God bless


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