Be yourself and use what you have got!

I once shared in a conference in America with R.T. Kendall and John Paul Jackson and David Ravenhill (son of Leonard). I am not name dropping, honest! The point is, I felt afraid. I respected these men so much and felt on the human level I was out of my league. I blurted out these feelings to JPJ in the lift in the hotel one morning. I told him about my inadequacies, the shortcomings and failings and sins. I said I wanted him to know all these things about me, and how unfit I was to be sharing in the conference he had organised. He laughed and smiled with great love and said, “Kenny, years ago, God told me that he builds his flock with the spotted and the speckled, and I was to build with the spotted and the speckled too.” It was a reference to the story of Jacob. My heart was set at peace instantly, and I was set free to be me at the conference without any more worries.

That came to mind today for one or two reasons. I felt I wanted to share it. We are all spotted and speckled. Don’t turn down an opportunity God opens to you by counting yourself out. One of my heroes, JPJ, has passed into glory leaving much blessing and enduring influence. You and I are still alive. My favourite Proverb? “Better a live dog than a dead lion.” If you are alive this day, don’t let awe of lions stop you from rejoicing in the gift of a bark! Use it!

God bless


6 comments on “Be yourself and use what you have got!

  1. John Bathgate says:

    Such a good word.


  2. Donald Black says:

    Many years ago I was encouraged by the words of a Christian who knew what he was talking about. When I shared with him that I felt very down because of my failures and weaknesses, he said stop looking at your sins, they can`t save you. Look to Jesus He alone can save you. Since then I have enjoyed the answer to my problem. Not me but Jesus.


  3. Susan Galpin Knowlton says:

    Years ago I went to the Clan Gathering and heard many great people speak – including John Paul Jackson, but the person who had the greatest impact on me and the one I remember clearly is Rev. Kenny Borthwick. It had rained a lot during the event and the volunteer parking staff had been treated with impatience and anger by some attendees. Rev. Kenny addressed the issue with the whole assembly by very gently encouraging us to be kind and thoughtful with each other. Sometimes we take our own gifts and abilities for granted because they come naturally. Rev. Kenny, you’re a spotted gem who impacted me!


  4. Elaine Whittington says:

    Susan’s comment could be mine! I’m sure I’ve said this to you before. Being one of the team leaders at CLAN I looked forward to your team times in the early days. Susan refers to you as a gem, I always referred to your team talks as nuggets of gold. I appreciated and learned a lot from every speaker at CLAN, but as I was responsible for my team’s rota I selfishly made sure I was off rota on the last night in order to hear you speak. I looked forward to your powerful words spoken in gentleness. Your talks spoke to my heart and my head and changed my way of thinking and living. Thank you! I am so grateful that you remained who you were supposed to be!


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