Visit of R.T. Kendall – advance notice…

Advance Notice Folks! 7th – 9th June, Stornoway, Lewis. A conference with R.T. Kendall and me!! 70th. Anniversary of the much talked about Revival that began in that year and produced such amazing fruit in terms of renewal of God’s people and the salvation of the lost – many of them young people, teenagers at the time. Many people too were called into full-time ministry and mission work. Genuine Revival always overflows in salvation and mission, the fruit of which lasts in some shape or form, even spreading all over the world. I have met some of the fruit! I did not know one of the converts of the revival was standing behind me once as I stood at the church door in Barvas many years ago now, shaking hands with the worshippers after a Church meeting, but suddenly I was overcome by the presence of the Lord, by His sheer beauty. I started to weep at the church door not knowing at that point in time why I was experiencing the Lord’s presence with such fullness and beauty. It was due to a lady filled to overflowing with the Lord at her conversion in the revival and filled to overflowing still. Truest beauty.

I know it involves travel etc, but it is going to be open to all if you are able to come and wish to do so. More details to follow and will post them here, but thought I should let you know as early as possible in case some of you wanted to make arrangements to get there as time rushes on. Anyway, very humbled to be part of this as I know of no Bible teacher that is more prophetic, in the truest sense of that word, than R.T. Kendall. The anointing on him gets stronger and stronger in my opinion the older he gets. If you can afford to take time to get there and have the finances to get there then I commend it to you. I am trusting God I will be well enough, but if I have to miss one of my scheduled occasions to preach, well, that will be a blessing, because the amazing Tommy MacNeil will step in and you will be doubly blessed. Even six months ago, agreeing to go and speak at this would have been an impossibility for me and very unwise, but things are much more stable for me health wise than they have been at any time in the last 7 years since this illness, was first diagnosed.

Anyway, as I say, will post more details in due course! Cannae wait myself!! Such amazing life is springing forth in a multiplicity of ways, an explosion of the activity of God, in the church Tommy ministers in, in Stornoway, a harvest that includes another crop of young folk coming to faith in Jesus. It will be wonderful to be in the midst of the working of God’s Spirit.

(Edited this to emphasise this: The publicity and how to register is being prepared at the moment. This is really just to alert you in case you want to get travel arrangements in place. Some people are already booking up ferries etc. Details for registering etc should appear on the website of Martins Memorial Church, Stornoway, soon, or their Facebook page or both. I guess the important thing at this stage is to think about travel and accommodation if you are thinking of coming along. To keep costs down, why not fill up a car with your friends, or get your friends to go and help to fill up their car! There is the option of flying of course, but that is quite pricey, but if you have the means, and feel the go-ahead of God’s Spirit, well, go for it! Of course God is everywhere all the time, but He can also be in some places at some moments in time in a particular way. I feel in my spirit this weekend may well be one such moment.)

Anyway, keep looking out for publicity and details if you are interested in going.

God bless


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    Wow.  Awesome.

    Thanks for letting us know.  Will try to do.

    God bless

    Janette x

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