Get the picture?

The first picture I remember seeing of Daniel in the lions’ den was of a youth. Actually, he would have been in his 80’s. Never stop daring to be a Daniel. Let’s honour every “Daniel” and “Danielle” in our fellowships. It is a shame when those who have stood for the Lord for decades are treated as though they have had their day: no longer listened to; no longer allowed to sing the songs of their earlier journey as they journey on; patronised with an accommodating smile because of their “Thee” and “Thou” language and corresponding discipleship that has not apparently caught up with the modernity of God as chum or pal, but quaintly regards their Father in Heaven as the Almighty and the Holy One of Israel, whom they love and would love still even though He should slay them.

God bless


2 comments on “Get the picture?

  1. Louisa Dawson says:

    I try not to tell my age, because of being judged and cast aside or put in a box. look at the age of Moses, Caleb etc. and I’m not there yet. Blessings Kenny.


  2. Lesley says:

    “Dare to be a Daniel ” Takes on a whole new meaning ! Ageism in the church, is as wrong, if not worse, than
    In the workplace. Time for the whole church to be different. Stay at home mums/ Dad’s, visiting friends & relatives, a priority over exotic vacations, contentment with what we have rather than striving for more & better continually. Mend & repair, rather than throw& upgrade.? Perhaps these values are simply,
    old fashioned, from an old person as I’ve been reminded frequently this week ! 😄


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