I am sorry to disappoint those who hoped for a Report on the Conference on Lewis to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the 49 – 52 Revival. I find myself not permitted by God to write anything beyond what I have written on Facebook and now copy to here. I believe the reason for that is that is was Holy Ground in a very tangible way. I have never been aware of the presence of God in such a powerful way at any conference I have spoken at, attended or even led, nor so aware of His sovereign working in people’s lives. God is still at work in the aftermath of the event. I am not comfortable about the idea of “reporting’ on such a happening. So all I offer is this:

We Charismatics have become addicted to prayer ministry time, in that we feel it must happen. What Lewis demonstrated for me afresh is the power of God released through anointed preaching of His Word. I am not boasting, just learning from an amazing weekend where I personally experienced more of God’s anointing than at any other conference I have ever been part of or attended. It was tangible. What an insult it would have been to interrupt what God was doing and how God was doing it. People were baptised in the Spirit, delivered from demonic trouble and 25 people stood to say they had asked Jesus into their lives in one of the services. I hear reports of blessing continuing to flow which is wonderful. The pendulum can always swing too far. We needed it to swing in the direction of gifts of the Spirit which now flow freely in so many settings. Maybe we now need it to swing in the direction of reverence for His Word and a confidence in its power. Maybe we will one day get the balance right. We can be so addicted to our ways that we can become unable to recognise when and how God is at work. I am glad the weekend was under the leadership of Tommy MacNeil. He knew when to allow God to minister through His Word and when the time for Prayer Ministry was right. I thank God for such God aware leaders.

By the way you can get either CD’s or download MP3 format recordings of the Conference sermons (7th and 8th June) on the website of Martin’s Memorial Church. The two Sunday Services (9th. June), R.T. Kendall in the Morning and myself in the evening, are also available on the Church Website in another section. They tangibly felt very much part of the Conference and I would encourage you if you want to get a fuller experience of the meetings, to listen to these sermons too, in that light.

God bless


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  1. Rob Isbister says:



    • Angela says:

      It felt very sacred. I cannot express how incredibly anointed it was.
      I have shared brief notes with my pastor, of what points struck me. But also shared the links to hear himself since what the Lord speaks to me could be a different aspect of what He might impress on others.
      To me, even listening to the recordings, the anointing is very obvious.
      I have never been to Keswick or Clan or any other ‘big’ Christian conference. But I cannot imagine any of those being better than the conference at Martin’s.
      May God mightily bless RT and Kenny for their faithfulness and humility and their sensitivity to the presence of God and His leading.


  2. 123lyle says:

    Thank you for your integrity in sharing from what you see God doing. Fruit that lasts results in communities transformed.


  3. Sheena Meek says:

    Thank you Kenny. As always the Holy Spirit guides aright and would in no way have us become voyeuristic in order to seek some kind of second hand blessing. He will deal with us all on a personal basis every time!
    Bless you for your honesty and openness.


  4. CW says:

    I was there and felt it was a great time of blessing , there is a matter I would like to mention privately if Kenny could contact me with his email, thanks,


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