Scotland’s Prophetic Hetitage

“Prophecy” is one way by which God shows himself to be the One true God. He speaks of things before they happen. I have been reading Isaiah and that is a strong theme in that book of the Bible. As far as I can see from the bible Prophets either recall people in their own times to God’s unchanging ways, or speak of His action in either judgement or salvation that will break forth in the immediate future and or that will happen in a more distant time. What Isaiah stresses is that true prophecies about what God is about to do are confirmable as it were. They are not vague, but have specific details, for example names or specific events, by which they can be shown to have come to be. If you have a calling in the realm of prophecy, why not ask that God will give you some specifics so that the person(s) to whom you deliver a word from God may be able to see it is being fulfilled for them? Most of what we hear delivered as “Prophecy” is of a very general tone, sometimes frustratingly so, with no specific markers, but rather talk of “levels” or “seasons.” I am not saying these prophecies are false, they may well be true and serve a purpose, but I am wondering if some of you who move in this realm need to be encouraged to believe you can hear more specific detail, accepting that what you hear will always be in part. Even with the gifts of the Spirit, there is a certain level of clarity that will not be ours until the Kingdom of God fully comes at the end of earthly time as we know it.

“Prophecy” has never been my main thing and my faith comes and goes a bit when it comes to believing I can hear very specific detail, but there have been a few occasions when I have heard in detail, have been given names etc. One time was when I was sitting on a plane about to arrive in a certain city for a conference. All of a sudden the Lord spoke to me about “Adam.” He let me know I was to give a message to someone called Adam that I would meet and told me some details so that he would recognise it was God speaking to him. Well, the folk organising the conference met me at the airport and took me for a meal. I asked the waiter his name. His name was Adam. On the plane God had shown me that Adam was called to be a worship leader. I asked him if he was a Christian. He said he had been going to an Alpha course with his girlfriend but an aggressive Christian that was part of his group had put him off. I encouraged him t go back with his girlfriend and try the course again. I told hm the Lord had been speaking to me about him on the plane and because of that I wanted to ask him if he was musical. He said that he was and played a variety of musical instruments. I spoke to him some more and asked the organisers of the conference if they would get for him a CD of Tim Hughes and give it to him as I felt he ws to be a worship leader, or at least that is what the Lord wanted for him.

Another occasion was less happy, but brought comfort in an odd way. An elder phoned to tell me his son had been lost at sea in the Gulf of Thailand. Immediately the Lord gave me a word and a picture that enabled me to say in faith, “Your son will be found.” I obviously hoped that might mean he would be found alive, however that was not to be. However, out of all those who perished, over a hundred, his was the only body found. The rest had been eaten by sharks. I had seen a picture that showed me someone tied in ropes to a boat. That is how he was found. Somehow seeing all that helped my elder to believe his son had died in the Lord. It was a comfort.

Now, I am not saying this to boast. I hardly ever experience such detail and to be honest am terrified when He does give detail and usually end up wishing He had not! I am saying it though for two reasons. Number 1, to encourage those of you who are much more prophetic than me and who may be called to be Prophets to believe for more detail. The second reason I am writing this, is I really feel it is time for Scotland to rise up in Prophetic gifting and calling. It is very much part of our heritage. In the past it existed in our nation, in much simpler but in deeper and more profound form than we have settled for in much of the current Pentecostal and Charismatic movement on the whole. May God restore that to His people in this land. I believe it to be a key ingredient in Scottish Christian heritage, identity and in God’s still emerging purposes for us in these days and in days to come.

Let’s pray for Prophets and remember that to some extent at least it seems this is something God wants us all to earnestly desire. To be honest I have to make myself earnestly desire this, as it does not excite me as much as reading and preaching the Bible. I often can’t be bothered seeking a Prophetic word. It often seems tame to me in its present manifestation, compared with the Lion’s roar of the bible. It is not my main thing personally, but I see its vital play and its place in our heritage. I hope even in the writing of this my “ earnest desire” may increase in me as much as in any of you. Don’t despise prophecy or mock the Prophets. Some repenting necessary in that regard?

God bless


One comment on “Scotland’s Prophetic Hetitage

  1. Angela says:

    ‘Let’s pray for the prophets…’. Yikes! I never do!
    I pray for leaders, apostles, Christians everywhere.. guess that means prophets too but not in the intentional way you mean.
    I am also less keen on developing prophetic gifts than on growing in general in my Christian life and relationship with the Lord.
    I think perhaps there’s the fear of being wrong although I have several times (every time I dared to speak details of times etc) been hearing right.
    I need to have greater trust in what Spirit is saying to my spirit; after all, we have not been given a spirit of fear or timidity but of love and power and sound mind.


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