“O God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Ruth, Deborah,Daniel, Ezekiel etc.. Hear my Prayer.”

It is not a bad idea when you are reading a book of the bible to turn what you have read into prayer. Keeping in mind you are going to do that when you have stopped reading is a good way of not missing what matters most as you read. So for example I have been reading Ezekiel recently and praying to the God of Ezekiel. There is a lot of what he writes that I find confusing, but there is a lot that is perfectly plain. So, as I pray to the God of Ezekiel, who is my God too, the unchanging God who came to us in Jesus, I pray to the One who:

…judges His people. Even though I am saved by Jesus from the coming wrath of God as Paul tells me in Thessalonians, I must still appear before His judgement seat to give account. I search my heart with God’s help. If I search it on my own, I would end up in despair rather than in truth.

…who says vengeance belongs not to us but to Him. One day for sure, Justice will not only be done, but be seen to be done. What does that mean with regard to those who have harmed me and my family unjustly? I shudder to think and should pray they might find forgiveness before that day in the same place where I have found it for my sins, which are many.

…who never washes His hands of His people completely. Ezekiel sees blessing in the future for the people of God facing judgement in the now. He sees God as Shepherd as dwelling with His people and being their God. I thank God that in Christ, there is always hope.

…is perfect in all of His ways. Ezekiel sees no contradiction between the God who judges and saves, the God who pours our his wrath until it is satisfied and the God who acts in astonishing mercy and grace as rescuer and Shepherd. There is no contradiction or dualism in God. His perfect holiness, perfect love, perfect wrath, perfect mercy, perfect righteousness and perfect everything else that the bible reveals of Him are in complete harmony.

…will clear His own Name in His own time. On that day we will see what sometimes it is difficult to see now: all His ways are just. We will even see He deserves praise for His judgements, that they are righteous. “Behold He does all things well.”

I worship the God of Ezekiel today because I have been reading his book. As you pick up your bible today, remember to say as you read, “I am going to pray to the One these God breathed words are revealing to me.”

God bless


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  1. Angela says:

    Many years ago, it seemed presumptuous of me when I thought of using scriptures as prayers. And that was even though Hebrews 4:12 jumped off the page at me. Thank God, I got correct teaching that confirmed it was good for defence and offence in spiritual warfare, and in any prayers when used appropriately as you so clearly demonstrate.


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