The Cross…your Future…

Spend time at the cross and you become a prophet visiting the future.

At the cross Jesus tells us, in John 12, that three things about the future were being established for certain by Him before their chronological time comes: at the cross we visit the Day of God’s judgement against all forms of human sin; we see the throwing of the devil and his angels into the lake of fire is irrevocably established; we see the people of God drawn from every tribe and tongue whom God will dwell among and from whose eyes He will wipe away every tear. Not only do we see future happening now, we taste it and start to live in it.

Are you a believer? Well, spend time in your “future now”, thanking the One who bore our judgement, defeated our enemy and will bring us home as one flock to be with Him forever!

God bless


One comment on “The Cross…your Future…

  1. Angela says:

    Kenny, there seem to be many in authority in mainstream denominations (remember the Bishops of Durham and of Canterbury in 1984 and the York Minster fire) who are ‘believers’ With a form of godliness with no power.
    That kind of authority over churches is like a leaking umbrella. We are called to believe God, not allow our own intellects to do away with Biblical facts, to suit ourselves and the influence of worldly thinking.
    Jesus’ suffering paid for such selfish, intellectual, strong willed independence from God ie sin.
    The agony of having God’s spirit and breath withdrawn from him (due to the sins he bore) meant death was quicker. Who could live if God withdrew His spirit and breath re Job 34:14-15?
    I used to believe it was the agony of crucifixion and the vile diminishing treatment, and the burden of sicknesses and sins He bore that finished Jesus. But the wages of sin means death; that means separation from God. Jesus had such a close and sinless walk with God.
    I might have started rambling, but you get the gist! I am deeply anguished that churches today who proclaim His name yet do not know him through the spirit and the sin, produce counterfeits instead of true children of God. I am just human so my anguish cannot get close to His.


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