A Person not a Project…

Job 19.22: “Why are you not satisfied with my flesh?” Job seems to be saying that his”friends” seem to be taking an almost perverse delight in his suffering rather than caring. His actual and obvious suffering is not enough for them. They are drilling into his inner being and won’t be satisfied until they expose his inner condition. They are making Job and his suffering their ministry project.

I was thinking today of someone who used to come around one of the churches I pastored. i still have contact with them from time to time, but they no longer attend that church anymore. The reason they gave for leaving? “I felt I had become a project.”

I think, sadly, with regard to the way some at least treated that person, that was so …

People who have suffered greatly are quick to see whether they are being treated as a person or a project. They may stick around for a while, but ultimately they will not stay in company whether they are treated like that. When they leave it may be a good sign: “I matter.” Spiritual gifts, programmes for inner healing mean damage when there is no love.

God bless


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  1. ‘Rosa’ says:

    Having come through much in life that caused deep and long term pain and damage that hindered me, and sought inner healing too, I believe that every church needs trained counsellors who know how to steer clear of such errors as well as avoiding making any person dependent on them rather than God.
    It is perhaps more often those whose damage is not yet admitted to themselves who cause most damage, not only in remaining so far below what God desires for them but also in being unaware of the ways in which they tear others and can behave like wolves without intending to. Mind you, any of us can hurt others with thoughtless or careless actions or words!
    What I refer to is much more serious and insidious.
    Praise God for those in ministry who have discernment and wisdom.


  2. Lesley Mackwell says:

    This is soo true ! When visiting friends & visiting their churches so often I get accosted by some body from a healing group or ministry who believe because I use two sticks I need healing.

    Even when I explain I used tho be in a wheelchair & have received healing they still continue ,I must have faith & believe for full healing.

    Yet in this day & age when medical staff cannot share their faith in desperate situations in hospital it is more vital than ever that Christians are there as patients to get alongside others who do nt yet know the Lord.

    Of course I want to be healed, but I want others to know the Lord before they die even more.

    Apologies for long comment crouched a sore😂spot!


  3. Angela says:

    I think I see what you mean; there have been times I have witnessed when people have used Freudian ideas to ‘diagnose’ what might be happening with someone. Even if they are right, expressing it without listening first is very unwise and dangerous. And expressing it in Freudian terms is, I think, very unhelpful in Christian inner healing. Let the Lord’s thoughts be louder than Freud’s!


  4. Morag Hearty says:

    Taking the time to go back through your posts this struck me deeply. I have a permanent health issue that is not well understood by the medical world and even less so by the ‘man in the street’ I made the huge mistake of allowing my minister to know this and he and the session clerk decided in their infinite wisdom that I was no longer fit to do work I had been doing for my church for a very long time. Nothing I said could convince them otherwise. I knew that God had left me with the ability to do his work but they would not listen. I did not ask for prayer for healing just that I was able to go on doing what I had been and God granted this. I now feel like a monkey in a zoo being stared at in my own church, I dared to speak up and you shouldn’t do that when the congregation worships the minister. It is easier not to attend, this breaks my heart. PS your playing in Brucefield was very much appreciated and enjoyed, you came with God and that did not go un-noticed.


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