The police at your door?

Dream last night. Meaning:

“There is so much competitiveness amongst some ministries, movements and churches with a reputation of being alive – sound in doctrine and open to the Spirit – that needs, cries etc., go unheeded, wrongly diagnosed. People are left to seek their own healing from long standing captivities feeling abandoned, hardly noticed. It is little wonder that after staying loyal they make a decision to leave. Only then do they become a matter of intense interest and pursuit, for of course, their value is numeric and always was. Their leaving is pursued with the zeal of those chasing after an escaped prisoner.”

“Lord, is it I? Lord, is it us?”

There are times when it is right to leave a church for right and proper reasons. Sometimes it is necessary for our deliverance and healing to happen along with a new sense of worth, freedom and joy emerging. It is important that we find a fellowship to be part of again otherwise the escape is not complete, but don’t be swayed by the police force that may be sent to your door to bind you and bring you back.

Well, that was the meaning of the dream. Of course many times people leave churches for the wrong reason or because they have listened to the wrong voices. Then there is the need to be humble and return. That is true, but the dream last night was not about that.

Don’t be taken back into a church/ministry/movement that treats you as merely the servant of their goals and mission even when the Chief Constable himself/ herself appears on your doorstep.

God bless


2 comments on “The police at your door?

  1. Christine Robinson says:

    As an Anglican priest I find myself constantly battling the pressure from on high to value people numerically and financially. How encouraging it is to hear your words. Thank you.


  2. Angela says:

    Unfortunately, due to falling numbers of official members of main denominational churches, there probably are many ministers/priests feeling the pressure to show increase in members. Are ‘adherents’ who faithfully attend and serve, not good enough? Is it time those given authority higher up, changed their strategy for counting/did away with it?
    Membership is not actually Biblical! Is it?! Once we have repented towards God, believed on Jesus as Saviour, and been baptised, we are called children of God. Membership is in His family.


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