Thought 1 – Already Here, Still to Come Kingdom…

Some folks have asked me to write a bit about the “Already Here but still to come Kingdom of God.”

i have decided to approach this with a series of simple single thoughts each time I post on the subject.

Thought 1:

It is really important that we understand this. Do you know what Jesus said the Gospel is?

There is no need to try and work out the answer. He told us plainly:

“The time is fulfilled. The kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe the Gospel.” (Mark Chapter 1 verse 15.)

Is this in your mind as you think of what the gospel is? If not…why not?

God bless


One comment on “Thought 1 – Already Here, Still to Come Kingdom…

  1. Angela says:

    I notice the verse says ‘repent’ before ‘believe’. This is the approach taken by David Pawson too, with his RBBR acronym: repent towards God is the first R.
    The Journey Into Life booklet doesn’t follow this.
    I had found confusion in the various recommended ways of ‘becoming a Christian’.
    Repenting demands a close encounter with conviction of sin in contrast to a sense of God’s stunning goodness touching our consciousness and conscience.
    I like your Thought 1, thank you!


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