Here and Not yet…

“The Kingdom of heaven is near!” This is the gospel according to Jesus. I spoke on this recently at “Kingdom Gathering” on Skye and it seemed to bring help and hope to people and create faith and remove pressure and a sense of failure in ministry and prayer.

There are two errors that the enemy is sowing into the preaching of this gospel at the moment.

Number 1: error about the entrance. There is only one way of entry into the Kingdom ofGod: the cross of Jesus Christ where Jesus was punished for our sins that we might know peace with God. This is now being actively preached again. It used to be quite customary, in the days I was studying for my B.D., for liberals to deny this. Now it is evangelicals that are beginning to deny this truth, indeed folk claiming to be evangelicals now mock this. They deny it is even a valid interpretation of the cross at all. In this they go beyond liberals who at least are faithful enough to Scripture to admit it is a truth taught in the New Testament even though they would give it no prominence or preach it or agree with it. The name evangelical now means virtually nothing. It is often less biblical than classical liberalism or Roman Catholicism. I find nowadays I would be happy to share a platform with liberal or a Roman Catholic – and do from time to time with great gladness – but not with some who go by the name of evangelical. Lies work because they seem like the truth and sound like the truth. Obvious errors are rarely a problem. Don’t be ignorant of the devil’s wiles.

Number 2: the extent of the Kingdom now. Whereas error about the entrance to the Kingdom is being perpetrated by speakers and teachers claiming to be evangelical, the error about the teen of the Kingdom of heaven in the here and now tends to be common in contemporary charismatic circles. An example of this would be “There is no sickness in heaven now so there should be nor sickness on earth now. This is a serious misunderstanding of “The Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” It causes immense disillusionment and pastoral nightmares. In the name of promoting faith for miracle it actually often destroys faith in God.

Don’t become heresy hunters, but be aware of who and what you listen to and align yourself with.

If this sounds arrogant, well, I can assure you that on a reasonably regular basis I see from Scripture where what I preach or teach needs amended to align with Scripture. However, at the risk of sounding inflated, I have a concern for the people of God throughout this land of Scotland and opportunities seem to open to me to speak beyond the local setting, as it were. I believe my concern it is God given.

God bless


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  1. Rosa says:

    Your insights are always worth pondering, thank you Kenny.
    The truths of the gospel ie basic faith tenets, are what I want to find in all denominations. Anything else that might be contentious or unclear is not worth fighting over!
    Nor do I like generalisations since not every person within eg evangelical circles, will be set in a particular mould.
    I was recently reading the FIEC UK site statements and find nothing much of concern:


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