A late night last night at “Restored” in Ruchill and North Kelvinside Church. Yet another work of God where the real God is meeting the real needs of real people. Oh I know in saying that I open myself to an attack of church and theological snobbery which would tell me there is more to God and Church than that. So be it! What and where I was privileged to speak at, and then privileged to pray one to one with people, looked, sounded, felt like Jesus.

What moved me most? A farmer from Kilmalcolm who brought a young man all the way from Johnstone to the meeting because he sees it is helping him. I had met the young man at “Jumping Jacks” a few weeks ago and he was in my mind as I prepared my talk for last night even though I did not think for a minute he would be there. A farmer, preacher and a precious but struggling young man brought together in the loving purposes of a living Jesus in a work established by a visionary leader, Mark Lowey, who simply has had the courage to devote effort to where he saw God working and join in there. Amazing. How Satan and Religion must hate it. Pray for Mark and and “Restored” and Yerik and Michelle Kellett-Smith who run Jumping Jacks. They are proving Jesus’Gospel: The Kingdom of God is near: with Him nothing is impossible, no life is beyond hope.

At one point as I was praying for someone a growl came up and a voice snarled, “I am not staying around for this. I am going.” Well whatever spoke the man himself stayed put in his chair and received more love, more prayer! It is good news when a demon speaks out of a life and days, “I am not staying here any longer!”

Jesus saves from hell by standing condemned in our place, He baptises in the Holy Spirt, He still heals and delivers from demons, He still loves new people into being. Maybe you need to free yourself from any more sophisticated or respectable , less crude, less outdated, less intellectually embarrassing, more “cool”, more refined versions of Jesus and His Gospel.

Oh for more churches and works of God to be established that infuriate hell and infuriate that demon called Religion! Oh for more outposts of the Kingdom of God invading the darkness that has shattered so many countless lives whether being lived in a palace or the gutter, in the remotest island or in the busiest city, in the corridors of the University or in Rehabilitation Residences.

God bless


5 comments on “Jesus!

  1. Elaine Whittington says:

    I love this! When you say Mark Lowey has devoted effort to where he’s seen God working and joined in there, is this a work that isn’t run by Christians? I’m just interested as it’s something God is speaking to me about personally.


    • revkennyblog says:

      Elaine, what I meant is that Mark sensed that God was working in the lives of those with addiction problems and built this work around that. He himself had a background of drink, drugs and being in and out of prison and met Jesus who saved him and called him into Teen Challenge and then into Church of Scotland ministry.


  2. Elaine Whittington says:

    Fantastic! Love it! I’ve just been increasingly aware of God’s work being done by people who don’t know they’re doing it, and the need to partner with them instead of duplicating their work. But I’m still praying all that through for how it looks for me personally. Thanks for your posts Kenny, always encouraging and challenging.


  3. Stewart says:

    Thanks Kenny for posting this. I needed to read that God is still working miraculously. Stay tuned to Abba Father.
    Best, Stewart.


  4. Rosa says:

    This is reality… the joy and partying in the Lord’s wonderful presence have their place too but definitely are not the most important part of having our foul selves transformed to live and love and do as Jesus did. Love this post! 🙂


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