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There are many…

Here is one sign of judgement upon the “Household of God,” God’sown people, that emerges from the `Book of the Prophet Jeremiah:

Well intentioned reforms are initiated but come to nothing. God tells Jeremiah that despite all the good reforms of Josiah,  a line had been crossed with regard to rebellion, in the days of Manasseh, that could not be undone by sincere reform (even though Manasseh himself had repented and had been forgiven). What seemed like an upturn was at most a delay of a divine sentence being executed. It could not even be averted by prayer by the mightiest intercessors, such as Moses or Samuel. Jeremiah is told not even to pray.  Judgement was fixed.

Denominations, individual congregations, take note.  Fearing God is the beginning of wisdom not only for individuals but for congregations, fellowships, Movements, Denominations, National Churches, Independent Evangelical Congregations, Reformed Churches, Calvinist Churches, Arminian Churches, Cessationist Churches, Charismatic Gatherings,  and whatever other expression of Church or sincere venture you may want to add to the list.

God bless



2 comments on “Answer to previous ?

  1. Angela says:

    We’ve been studying Romans 8 at Bible Study; for a few weeks, the Lord has been drawing my attention to ways in which my mind is not set on what the Spirit wants (Romans 8:5 onwards).
    He is helping me ‘reset’. It is discipline I choose and not without struggle. Many verses lead us to connections between wisdom, knowledge, understanding and fear of the Lord. Your post is so very welcome!


  2. Mike Gallagher says:

    Kenny with the current plight of our nation and the floods, climate change, disease and now this virus sweeping the world, it does make me think are heading close to the return of our Lord. Not in my lifetime have I seen such uncertainty, you shared back in January from Revelation 6 which describes the Wrath of God, a very sobering message and perhaps a needed wake up call for Christians, non believers and the Church. May we walk every day with grace and stay near to Jesus who will guide our steps. God bless


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