When something or someone tries to grab you…

… then remember if you are in Christ,  whatever  or whoever will first come into contact with Him. He is our clothing and our armour as believers,  whom we are encouraged to wear and put on.

That is probably no new thought to anyone reading this who is a born from above and knows anything of the Bible. You will probably know already that one of the commonest ways that you are described in the New Testament is that you are “in Christ.” However sometimes familiar truths dawn upon us with freshness. I found that this morning as I read some words from Meister Eckhart’s “Table Talk.” He was a 13th/14th Century Dominican  mystic and though his thought is not always easy to grasp, or at least that is my experience, sometimes it is.

Eckhart says this of those who are genuinely seeking to live their ives in oneness with God and His will having given up living by their own will:

“One who has quite done like this with everything of his is so safe in God that in order to get to him we must reckon with God first, for he is right in God with God all around him as my cowl is around my head, and any person laying hands on me will first come in contact with my habit…Anything must go by way of God to reach him, and in doing so it gets flavour of Him…”

Keep Christ closer to your “skin” than anything else. Let everyone you meet today come to you only through Him and you will find the touch or words of friend or foe can both bring to you something of Jesus. Treat events and happenings the same way. Whether they seem beneficial or not objectively or subjectively, let them meet Christ first and they will have the flavour of Christ by the time they reach and touch you in your inner being and personhood.

The fact that we are in Christ does not stop the Bible telling believers that we must put him on. Do that today and you will find that whatever people and happenings you meet this day, whatever experiences you go through, will touch you with a fresh awareness of Christ. You may even find yourself able to do what seems impossible by human reckoning or wisdom: come to the end of this day thanking him for everything, absolutely everything. You may even be able to look back over your life and do the same. Nothing has happened or may happen that cannot make you more aware of the love of God in Christ and the grace in which you stand. Bad experiences, even horrendous experiences, unjust experiences you have face can be transformed while remaining bad and unjust in themselves when you allow them to grab hold of Christ first and only touch you through Him. Perhaps, clothed in Him, you may even be able to walk with Him, clothed in Him  into the most uncomfortable and devastating experiences of your past and find that in Him they are touching you in a different way than they have affected you up until now.

By the way, remember this too: forget to put Him on and even good and blessed experiences can do you harm and lead you astray.

God bless


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  1. Keith Pointon says:

    Thank you for this post, Kenny, very illuminating. One of my favourite authors is Mme. Jeanne Guyon, who arrived on the scene three or four hudred years later than Meister Eckhart. However, she follows the same general theme.


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