PS to the “Warning….”


A “P.S.” to my most recent post. This may at first not seem to be connected but it came to me as I pondered for myself what I said under the heading, “Warning,” based on the confusing story of 2 prophets in 1st. Kings Chapter 13.

The need to belong can take us into circles of acceptance in which your deepest self and calling becomes adulterated… it will take immense trust in God to obey His “Don’t go there.” If you have, then extricate yourself as quickly as possible, from those you thought held the key for you to prosper and have greater influence in the Kingdom of God than you have at the moment. Trust God to open the right doors. Often,  just before the right one opens, Satan ,who is not omniscient but has limited knowledge and great cunning, picks up something of that, and draws your attention with excitement to other doors of welcome….

I have met several people who say they got involved in a homosexual lifestyle though they were not homosexual because of a door of acceptance and welcome. I have heard testimonies of those no longer living in that lifestyle lately making precisely this point.

However this post is more about calling. Did yours get sidetracked through a door of encouragement and welcome? If so, I know these two posts may be uncomfortable reading. They come with an apology too, for the fact that the body of Christ in Scotland is lamentably discouraging and plays into the devil’s hands and tactics of opening wrongful doors of welcome to gifted and called people. My apology if it is if any use, is sincere, but two wrongs do not make a right.

God bless




4 comments on “PS to the “Warning….”

  1. Mike says:

    This is a very good post God closed many doors on my past and I had to choose to remove myself from a particular circle of friends. I also promised the Lord I would never go back to my old ways & thank God I listened. I have lost some friends who choose to continue living this way which saddens me, I sincerely hope and pray we listen to God and keep our promises to him. I am certain my life would be over had I note listened to God. His way is the best way. God bless


  2. Steve says:

    Thanks Kenny – trust you and Morag are well. We all like to be liked – to feel of value and, perhaps, importance. And that drives many of us to compromise and sometimes accept an easier option. I have been thinking today about seasons – particularly the season of withdrawal and waiting as in Isaiah 8 at a time when God apparently withdraws his blessing and approval. I believe many, like me feel we are in that place – perhaps because we do not want to take to route you describe.. Our frustration is in not knowing how long such a season may last – it could even be a lifetime!


  3. suebroy says:

    An apology from a good shepherd very much makes up for the shepherds who look away while the sheep are ravaged. Thank you.


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