Today, I found myself reading the curious story of a young prophet and an old prophet recorded for us in 1st. Kings Chapter 13. I  had not the slightest intentions of reading there but was drawn there, I believe by the Spirit of God.

The story raises many uncomfortable questions, but the lesson is clear no matter how fearful and uncomfortable. One of those propheticky things that happen to me from time to time formed within me as I thought about the story. Hence this post. It is for someone who listened and acted upon the voice of someone else, perhaps a prophet who seemed to tell them to go against what God had already clearly said. The consequences can be and perhaps have already been severe…especially if you are a leader among the people of God.

Please listen! Nothing that anyone ever says to us in the Name of the Lord, no matter their credentials, their gifting, their anointing, their history of service for the Lord, no matter the relationship they seem to have with God should ever be given head space or heart space, or our obedience if it takes us away from what God Himself has clearly said to us as we have read His Word in the Bible and listened to the voice of His Spirit. Take the warning of this passage.

This propheticky thing works, I believe, for churches, congregations, fellowships, denominations. We need to get rid of the worldly idea that a prophet calls us into new ventures that challenge the norms. There is a grain of truth in that, but the danger is what can be done with that grain of truth. A prophet in the bible calls us back to God, who is always faithful to what He has always said and calls the people of His Name to be so too. If there are new ventures a prophet calls us to, it will be new ventures of faith and faithfulness to Who God is and Who He has always been. A prophet will never call us to take off the belt of truth which Scripture tells us to put on.

Any denomination or congregation that follows a so called prophetic call which takes a direction away from what God has said will find itself in a place of death from which there may be no recovery.

I write this in the fear of the Lord. If I had not then your blood might one day before the Lord might be upon my head.

God bless


2 comments on “Warning!

  1. phkmsltd says:

    Timely and wise!


    Paul Hayes


  2. Rosa says:

    That’s one Bible scripture that long puzzled me; why would the prophet who had heard from God then allow a different word (false) to sway him and lead him to death?
    But perhaps I have done the same… not in the context of being a prophet but I heard God telling me something, then was persuaded by many voices in my church all saying another thing, to go against it. I should have trusted the Lord and believed for His timing.
    This was many years ago and I believe my inexperience of hearing and herding Him did affect my life very badly and that I am only now getting back on track. If that assurance Spirit to spirit is threatened even by a best friend, better to ignore the latter than fall headlong into a pit disguised as the answer to your prayers.


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