A smile bristling with nails…

Further to my last post to this one, have just witnessed a mega church pastor in a den of Reformed Theology lions , some of them household names here and some household names both sides of the Atlantic. He behaved in a Christ like way. They on the other hand…well, we can have a commitment to doctrine and grieve the Spirit speaking truth with the voice of the devil. Knowing the doctrines of grace does not mean we are necessarily Christlike or even saved. It is a prospect almost unbearable to me that Christ should say to any “I never knew you.” He will. It may prove to be the case that some who have an impeccable knowledge of Christ’s words and the doctrines derived from them and His appointed Apostles may be found to have built on sand, through hearing but without living and doing. Hearing without doing and living does not survive the storm of Judgement according to Jesus in Matthew 7. Some of the lost may have much more biblical theology than the saved.

I felt I was witnessing a Sanhedrin with a fake smile “bristling with a bunch of nails.” (I seem to remember a line like that from a poem.) God help them and God help me not to be like them and recognise when I am. And God help that humble mega church pastor to continue in the blessing of God and to be a blessing to many, even though I would feel uncomfortable in the style of church life and worship that exists there and wish he would say things a bit differently than he does! Even writing that sounds patronising! I have embarrassed myself but will let it stand as a reminder of my stupidity and self important pride…

And to any of you dear folk who ask me to have the courage to name names… don’t force me to add to my stupidity by taking the bait you dangle. If I did it would turn a warning to be thought about and if necessary to be received with humility and repentance, into an argument which allows an evasion of examining  our hearts asking with trembling, “Is it I Lord?”

A shocked and disturbed Kenny

2 comments on “A smile bristling with nails…

  1. Angela says:

    No doubt we all bear scars from being attacked in like manner even if not as publicly. Some attacks might require years to recover from, or might drive the injured soul away from both church and God, instead of closer into His arms.
    That experience is valuable and informs us, along with scripture, on remaining loving and not resorting to expressions of anger, frustration or arrogance in our certainty that we have it right and they don’t.
    It’s a confusing world in Christian circles today. You’re so right that any of us could likewise be guilty of behaving in a condemnatory manner. God bless you for honesty,


  2. suebroy says:

    In no other sphere of life are boundary lines of respect and courtesy so ignored. I feel quite strongly about the necessity to make churches and meetings safe places: hospitals for sick people. There is a remnant outside the church deeply wounded and offended at their treatment. We can’t ignore the injured lambs and move on to ‘fresh meat’. I wonder if this is something Jesus would have us put right before he brings more lambs into our midst? Could this be blocking revival? Scripture warns us to turn back en route to the altar if our brother has any offense against us.


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