Peace and Prophecy

Had a long dream last night. Lessons in it for me that I want to share with you especially if you are in a period of spiritual “waiting ” for something of the promises God has made to you to be birthed.

1: Spend time with those who carry the sweetness of the Lord’s peace and have learned it through physical suffering. Those who suffer from chronic long term physical affliction and still manage to have faces bathed in the beauty of God’s peace have a sweetness you can eat and share. They will probably have to be sought out and are probably passed over as having much place in churches that are the flavour of the month. They may even have been lost from a congregation’s awareness and be no longer able to attend. They may well be in their seventies or older. They will care little about current theories that excite movers and shakers. They would not be considered cool or trendy. They have had to get to know Jesus to survive and even flourish. They are almost a bygone race: those in Scotland who knew Christianity is about Jesus: full stop. Spending time with them will be like tasting the best ice cream you have ever eaten. You will savour it and wonder why you have tasted something so wonderful before. Stay and savour.

2: A prophetic man I trusted more than any other, John Paul Jackson, now in glory, came into my dream. He was very seriously looking into a promise box and drawing out old prophetic words nd reading them again to those to whom he had given them while alive. He had a very serious look on his face. The sense was of the danger of people giving up old prophetic words as false because they have not yet been fulfilled. There was also a sense of mercy and forgiveness and hope that those who had side stepped the pronounced will of God could find their way back into Plan A, but it was not guaranteed they would take the necessary steps. There also came across the sense that some of us would be surprised who would prosper in God for we look upon them as suspect in commitment and not doctrinal enough for our liking. God has found in them an ingredient often missing but as important as commitment to truth, as important as faith: TENDER COMPASSION AND LOVE FOR PEOPLE. KINDNESS AS A BEDROCK FOUNDATION IN WHAT THEY DO DESPITE WHAT FOLK MAY THINK AND HOW PEOPLE MAY JUDGE

Anyway, there it is. It was for me, but it would be unlike me to hold on to a good gift from God and not share it!!

You may not understand all this about dreams and how God speaks through them. That’s alright. Look for truth in what I share and consider it.

God bless


4 comments on “Peace and Prophecy

  1. Lynn Lindsay says:

    Thank you for being such a Blessing to those of us who read and follow your blog, Kenny !!
    Countless Blessings to you and Morag Always !!


  2. says:

    Sorry. I often forget to thank you.  Thank you so much for all you write. I so get that word.  As an elderly 72 Yr old great granny 🤣🤣 still bringing God into the marketplace am hanging onto those promises yet to be fulfilled!! Have been watching John Paul and Jack Deere, 2 of your favourites recently.  Would love to get in June. God bless and thanks again. Janette Sent from my Huawei phone


  3. Angela says:

    Thank you for continuing to blog!
    For no. 1. I don’t know any personally, just know of them e.g. Joni Eareckson Tada.
    For no. 2. Very encouraging to me personally. I have learned a bit in the last few years about the difference between a word of knowledge that nevertheless has prophetic elements (the kind I am usually given) and prophecy that is meant to be shared.
    I believe it is just as important with some of my dreams now, that some are not meant for sharing but are prophetic or are a word of knowledge; this is why I like the terms ‘night visions’, ‘night parables’. Some are God teaching me or guiding me in areas that need healing within myself, so quite a lot might be in a dream.
    Thank you for sharing yours, thrilling when they come!
    The Lord recently caused me to come across a powerful one from years ago, before I much more recently began to understand those that He has begun sending again.
    Pasted in for anyone if they need it:
    June/July 1999
    I and someone else (I could not really see who) was tied up tight by an evil gloating so-and-so. I was lying down somewhere and the evil one was mocking and laughing because I couldn’t move at all and was entirely in his power.
    He had a snooker cue the size of a railway sleeper aimed at my head, and was about to shoot when I realised that I was not actually tied up at all—- it just felt (very convincingly) as if I was, so I broke free and woke up.


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