Be on your guard…

Demons are not omniscient but they do observe and gather information on us. Jesus knew when Satan was around and was careful at such moments even with what he was saying. When I was in Gran Canaria a lady approached me, tied a thread around my wrist and said,”Welcome to Gran Canaria, Kenny. How are you enjoying your move to Edinburgh?” We had just moved to Edinburgh from Thurso. I was stunned into inactivity trying to work out what was happening. Morag was more alert. She tore the thread band off my wrist and said, “We are Christians and we believe in Jesus, the Son of God!” The lady looked frightened and moved off pretty sharply. On another occasion I went in to a drinking den in Wester Hailes looking for someone I cared about and was trying to help in the Name of Christ. From a dark room of filth and squalor another man started to shout out “I know you, Kenny Borthwick from Glasgow.” He then spoke some facts about me even though we had never met. There was such a sense of spiritual chill and threat.

Remember you are watched. Your story is of interest simply because Satan hates what God loves and seeks to kill, steal and destroy for no other motivation other than that hatred. Weak points, wounds, cuts and bruises are known about and used against us.

Like a heavyweight boxer Satan goes for weaknesses he observes with the dying fury of a mortally wounded lion who knows his time is short. He will hit them again and again at a moments he sees as opportune. We all have them. Do you know yours? Are you defending those areas of living, speaking, thinking, or have you dropped your guard. Make sure you put on the armour of God, put on the Messiah as your armour, or you will hit the canvas.

God Bless


4 comments on “Be on your guard…

  1. Heather Mackay says:

    Thank you Kenny .. you’ve warned us of this before but again .. thank you.


  2. Angela says:

    Just because we can’t see the enemy does not mean the threat is not real. His tactics are not founded on fairness.
    God helps us face truth about ourselves. If we are not rooted in truth, both in scripture and in permitting Him to change us, we are very vulnerable to attack.
    One night, unable to sleep for the thoughts coming into my head, I got up and jotted them down.
    Here they are (a few characteristics of Holy Spirit when dealing with us.)

    Holy Spirit is
    1. Compelling but not controlling
    2. Strong but not aggressive
    3. Insistent but not nagging
    4. Convicting but not condemning
    5. Piercing but not wounding

    Holy Spirit
    1. Exposes without shaming or rejecting
    2. Uncovers secrets but does not gossip
    3. Expects change but won’t force it
    4. Says it like it is yet does not criticise
    5. Demands repentance while building confidence
    6. Brings us face to face with truth without belittling
    7. Reassures without letting us off the hook


  3. Anne Reid says:

    Thank you for this Kenny. Timely wisdom!


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