Some more thoughts on the demons who watch you with great attentiveness…

Further to a previous post on demons:

There is an interesting story in Acts 19 about the seven sons of Sceva, who try to turn the Name of Jesus into a mere formula to be used in deliverance. They were  really trying just to copy what they had seen Paul doing without having that personal relationship which Paul had with Jesus. They end up regretting what they do. In the process of their presumption and its terrifying aftermath, the demons reveal this information: : “Jesus we know, and Paul we know about, but who are you?”

The English translations ,such as that given above, are trying to differentiate two types of knowledge expressed in two Greek words. The first word for knowing, which the demons use in relation to their knowledge of Jesus is a word for knowing by personal experience. So the typical example used to explain this would be that  we say we know the world to be round because we have travelled round it. We have not just accepted it  as truth passed on, nor read it in a book. We have personal experience that the world is round.

The second word for knowing, used  with regard to Paul is what we know about a matter because we  have worked it out. I know the world is round not because of personal experience but because of observation , watching shadows, taking mathematical reading, principles of mathematics etc. I somehow deduce and work out certain truths.

The demons know Jesus by experience every day. It is their hell to live  every day in the disarming effect of his shed blood and the knowledge they cannot escape his authority anywhere on earth or in the heavenlies. They know by experience that Jesus is Lord.  What he allows them to do, gives them permission to do also reminds them of their limitation. It is hell to them that they know Jesus is Lord, and all they can do, even by doing their worst is further his purposes. They encounter him in every square centimetre of the universe, every second of the day or night, in every situation and circumstance. They know by perpetual experience that Jesus is, and that He is Lord. They do not have to work it out, they know it without having to make any observation.

Their knowledge of Paul and of you and me and every believer is different. They learn about us from observation when by design or accident they find themselves around us. They work out things by how we react, what we do, how we spend our time, the words of our mouths, what we seem to be living for, what they observe of us in our secret moments hidden from human eyes. They cannot know our thoughts, though they may try to put their thoughts into ours, but they can work out what may be going on in our inner self by what they observe.

This is the cruel thing about the apparent knowledge give out by mediums. This is not the dead person communicating with their loved ones, but demons speaking forth what they have picked up by observation. It offers a satisfaction of a spiritual type and a level of comfort on an emotional level that keeps lost people lost, keeps them away from Jesus and his cross, keeps them away form repentance and faith in Him which is the only way to conquer the grave and enter an eternity of life and peace rather than lostness, darkness and everlasting torment. It comforts the lost in their lostness and  keeps them on the road of a lost eternity.

Demons work things out from the information they gather and use it against the children of God as well. They cannot rob us of the free gift of eternal life which we have found in Jesus, but they  will seek to use what they know to trip us up, hold us back from the full freedom of life in Christ and the stream of blessing that can release into the world around us.

It is really important to be careful the way we live at all times. You never know when  their may be a demonic watcher, picking up something which will be used in the future to try and make you fall, or to bring you into open shame.

Take your spiritual life and its element of warfare seriously. Live “In Christ” each moment, each day in the covering of his blood and in obedience to His Lordship. Do that, live in Christ and you can say with Jesus, that even when the Prince of this world comes, “He has no hold on me.” That is already true in terms of his accusations having no landing pad. The blood of Jesus has paid the penalty of our sin. As redeemed sinners, we  belong to God as His children at great price and cost. By the grace of God may our being “In Christ” also be true of our actual behaviour. In Christ there is not only forgiveness, but another life, His life, that can be lived in us and through us by which we actually conquer sin more day by day and learn to live righteously even in our private moments when there is no human being around to see us and only God and the demonic watchers can see us.

By the way, a final thought. Sometimes as you are in conversation, you will be aware that a demonic watcher has drawn near. It was not there and then it is. It is often because you are talking in genuine concern and love about another person and saying some deep things that the demonic listeners and watchers do not know about them. When you are aware of a watcher and a listener, stop  the conversation immediately. Take it up when the unseen watcher and listener has moved on. They will lose interest when there is nothing to their benefit being talked about and will search around for more fruitful pickings.

And, – just as I say when I am preaching – one more thing!! Finally, finally! You are maybe wondering about prayer. What if there is a listener in there? There isn’t, or if there is they will be completely frustrated. Prayers to the Father in the Name of Jesus are unintelligible to the demonic listeners and watchers. I remember praying with people on one occasion. A Satanist burst through the door with fury on his face and demanded to know which one of us had been praying in tongues. None of us had been. We had all being praying in English. The Holy Spirit has His own way of encrypting our prayers to the Father in the Name of Jesus. Speak to the Father anywhere, about anything:  gloriously, freely, speak to Abba, Father, Daddy. Time, space, eternity is cleared  of other matters, just for you and Him.

May these thoughts help you into more victory in Jesus still.

God bless


4 comments on “Some more thoughts on the demons who watch you with great attentiveness…

  1. Robert Silver says:

    Now that was excellent!


  2. Rosa says:

    That was very very helpful… I love the fact that demonic eavesdroppers cannot bear our prayers! And I do sometimes get a warning catch in my spirit during a conversation; not necessarily because of demonic listeners (I’d not contemplated that) but more because it was inappropriate to share or discuss at that time and place, or with that person.


  3. Gail Brooks says:

    Kenny, I just wanted to say that the last bit in your post above really spoke to my heart today. The Holy Spirit has His own way of encrypting our prayers to the Father in the Name of Jesus. Speak to the Father anywhere, about anything: gloriously, freely, speak to Abba, Father, Daddy. Time, space, eternity is cleared of other matters, just for you and Him. Thank you. Gail


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