Part 2 of “But they described…”

If you have read Part 1 this will make sense. If not read that before this!

A couple of examples:

Last night I had a happy dream that it was snowing it was Christmas. In my sleep I was singing, “I wish it could be Christmas every day.” I opened the curtains this morning and there was an inch of snow all around. I had not heard or watched any weather forecast.

The other day I had an irresistible urge to read the Book of Esther. I found out the next day it was Purim. Neither of these things I picked up had any particular significance, but this is an illustration of what I was saying in Part 1. If you are prophetically wired you just pick things up. They don’t necessarily mean anything very significant.

Those that are much more prophetically wired than I am find it difficult to go to a Supermarket or a Cafe! They pick up too much about too many people.

Anyway I hope that may clarify Part 1 a bit more for you.

God bless