Time for “Leapfrog!”

I am aware that few of the generation this is for will be reading my blog. That almost makes the case for this post which I put on Facebook earlier!

Come on you folk in your 20’s to 40’s! Years ago I saw some of you being catapulted over a group of leaders aged around where I am now. It’s time for the “leapfrog” to happen. By the grace of God there is still life in this ageing dog yet, I am hoping for many years of ministry in some shape or form, If God wills, but you are to be the front line leaders now, not us. I will cheer you on in that new responsibility. If any advice from experience is wanted there is plenty of experience around. Why reinvent the wheel and cause yourself delay and needless pain? There will be plenty unavoidable pain so don’t add to it needlessly. Go much beyond us, wherever we got to as leaders.

It was good to see a younger Chancellor and a young Scottish Finance minister at work whether I agree with their politics or not. They rose to the task really well, I thought. Often the world picks up on something God’s common grace is doing and the Church comes along eventually dragging its heels. Of course all this depends on some of us getting on in years being willing to relinquish positions we may have held for a while to make way. Do it with grace and freely and joyfully when the time is right. If not it may happen in a more painful and bitter way.

Come on!

God bless


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  1. Rosa says:

    I am thinking that the younger generation of real Christians is almost non existent… with 8% of the population of Scotland listed as attending church in a survey just a few years ago, it is not looking hopeful. And that was the highest percentage out of all UK countries.
    For all we know, over sixties might be needed more than ever in these times, to intercede and pray for people to stop chasing what the world is throwing at them so incessantly. I’d rather ‘leapfrog’!


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