Bowing out…

… of Conference speaking. It has been a great blessing to speak at conferences in the UK and in other countries over the last 20 years or so, but for reasons of health I think the time has come to bow out from that ministry apart from honouring one or two outstanding commitments.

There is a deeper reason too. The anointing for that ministry is still there but it is lifting. I have seen that recently. There is still anointing for other things. In fact that has increased.

Just thought I would put that on record so that if I say “No” to an invitation to an event you will know it is not personal.

Time for others to run…


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  1. Angela says:

    Kenny, that is God’s amazing guidance (not that you need anyone to tell you).
    The only conference I attended, where you spoke, was on Lewis in June 2019. During the Sunday evening when you were speaking, and there was a time to pause and Tommy prayed, the Lord gave me a vision that is not for telling here. The presence of the Lord was so strong.
    I will pray for you in the new directions into which He leads.


  2. Mike says:

    Sorry to read this Kenny but you have served the body of Christ very well and in particular Scotland. Will you be speaking at the conference on Lewis in June or is this immediate effect. I wish you well God bless


    • revkennyblog says:

      Yes Mike! God willing I will be there! That feels less like a Conference and more like a long drink of Living Water! Lewis and one or two other commitments still in the diary!


  3. Mike says:

    Both me and my wife Mary hope to be at the conference in June. I have always had a great interest in the revival that took place there it will be a great time in his presence no doubt. God bless you Kenny you deserve a rest.


  4. Mungo Jerrie says:

    I’m deeply appreciative to have found this blog in recent weeks. I had the privilege of hearing you speak back in 2006 and 2008 in Waikanae and Matamata. I was deeply impacted and have listened many times to the recordings of your sessions from those two conferences. Soon after I was moved on to a different phase of journey in another stream and heard nothing more of you. Just two weeks ago, your name was reawakened in my mind and I ended up here. The morning after reading this particular posting one evening I had a dream:

    In this dream, you had taken possession of a large derelict railway station made from natural stone (very rare in my part of the world), but was clearly under progressive renovation. This was on an island platform with railway tracks still conveying trains on both sides. The platform was busy with people, some arriving and some leaving, but at the eastern end were rows and rows of washing lines where we were all hanging our garments that had just been washed clean. Some were tops and some were socks!, but there were many different colours and sizes.

    At the western end of the platform, a large area was obviously set-up as an already well used open-air café church, complete with an ambo, round tables and brightly coloured sun umbrellas. Next to this were the former ‘Refreshment Rooms’, which while still closed off, were clearly under renovation as evidenced by looking through the windows at the scaffolding and unpainted gypsum wall boards, and rolls of new carpet yet to be laid. I had a definite sense this was being set up as an indoor church ready for when the season changed and weather prevented use of the outdoor facility.

    It was a wonderful and exciting dream and I awoke blessed knowing I had arrived at this ‘old’ ‘new’ station of cleansing and refreshment.

    Thank you Rev Kenny.


    • revkennyblog says:

      You can imagine how encouraged I am by such a dream! Thanks so much for sharing it. I so enjoyed being at New Wine again this year. God bless… and keep dreaming! Kenny


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