Don’t misuse the Name of The Lord…

Have been reading some things Christians have been saying on Coronavirus. Let’s not mistake bravado for true faith or attach the Name of the Lord to our own reactions or advice. God is not simply a loudmouth. He is not an idiot. As someone with heart problems, respiratory problems, a faulty immune system and diabetes, to name some of my health issues, I find secular advice is beneficial. I don’t find it scaremongering. I find it helpful despite it coming from confused and limited knowledge. I am free of course to still make my own decisions and way up risks about choices I make. I may get these choices right. I may get them wrong. Faith lives and breathes with facts and is not afraid. It does not mock fact or the attempts to establish fact.

God bless you. …and if you are particularly vulnerable, may God give you grace and help to not fear.


8 comments on “Don’t misuse the Name of The Lord…

  1. Elizabeth Trinder says:

    Wise advice!


  2. Annette Masters says:

    Amen thank you Kenny and I agree with you – good sound wisdom does not go out of the door when we become Spirit led believers in fact Jesus teaches us what it is to be fully human. I have asthma and have been putting my disciplines in place for at least three four weeks now. Much love in Him to you and your lovely family Annette x


    • Mike says:

      Annette could I kindly ask what are your disciplines as I too have asthma. We as a family have rented a cottage in the countryside I thought it would be wise to keep away from crowds.


  3. Angela says:

    Balanced, Kenny, thank you.
    In this long period of living between the resurrection of Jesus and His return, the planet and all of creation is groaning for the final fulfilment of scripture and end of all illness.
    I have chosen not only go trust in God but to keep an eye on research and drugs/methods being used in China, Japan and S Korea; includes immunosuppressive drugs x 2 (one is an anti malarial also); HIV drug; and very high doses of Vitamin C by IV method in moderate to severe cases.
    Better to buy the latter (tablets and foods rich Vit C) than panic buy hand sanitisers or toilet rolls!


  4. Mike says:

    Kenny I have found myself bound in fear with this virus as I too have underlying health problems and feel some what afraid ( just been honest). What advice would you give to a fellow Christian to break this fear and dread? God bless


    • revkennyblog says:

      I sympathise. For me, I keep on reminding myself that my life is hid with Christ in God. On one level nothing ever alters that whatever it may be. In an odd way the dawning of the realisation that we can control very little brings me to this place: God is in charge and His hand is around me in tender love. Whatever comes my way first passed through his hands and reaches me full of his promises and never failing love.


  5. Sue Ward says:

    Wise and compassionate words, Kenny. These are scary times, I’m seeking to be ‘sensible’ with regard to risk management, and to remember that He counted my days before any of them came to be. Fortunately my health problems do not leave me any more vulnerable than any other nearly 79 year old, but we have several in our tiny church family who are particularly vulnerable.


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