Injustice against Christians will increase. How will you respond?

When we face injustice and wrong treatment for our faith, the real thing against the real thing, I think there are several things the bible tells us to do: leap for joy and entrust ourselves and our cause to a faithful God, to give but a couple of examples. It is good to do what we are told! That is part of being a child. I am still learning to be just that. Adults who do things their way and robustly defend their actions even when unwise, tend to get into more of a fankle compared with the obedient children of a good Father.

Beating the world at the worlds game with the world’s weapons is a hollow victory. It does not leave the taste of the Lord’s joy in our mouths, but ashes. What could have been our finest moment in God became another diversion from the invitation into His glory, into being like Jesus , and secretly we know it. . I learned to sing early on in my Christian life, “If you will not bear a cross you can’t wear a crown.” I am glad I was taught that It is a law of The Kingdom.

Have you won an earthly victory or vindication recently or in the past, but feel you need a spiritual bath. ..Take it! Then, having done that, determine that though you will be wise as a serpent it will not be at the expense of being innocent as a dove. And, If God gives you another opportunity to be a man or woman of Kingdom valour…Take it!

God bless


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  1. Angela says:

    One bishop in the US is doing just that, and suffering disciplinary measures. Here’s the story for anyone not aware:
    I hope and pray I will be as strong in standing firm should we come under direct here too,
    None of the fruit of the Spirit includes compromise.


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