What does faith in the face of Coronavirus look like?

Sometimes I feel so out of step with fellow Charismatics. I have seen well known speakers on YouTube, proclaiming and praying in the face of Coronavirus. However some of it seems more like witchcraft praying to me, seeking to harness spiritual power to our advantage over lesser human beings.

I found myself thinking by contrast of Father Damian, showing the love of Christ to lepers, eventually succumbing to that disease and standing up to begin his sermon with the words,”My fellow lepers…” In that I find the love of God for a suffering people, in that I find so much of Jesus.

Shortly before his death, he wrote his brother Pamphile, “I am gently going to my grave. It is the will of God, and I thank Him very much for letting me die of the same disease and in the same way as my lepers. I am very satisfied and very happy.”

Of course Jesus heals and can protect people from disease according to His will. No doubt about that. But believing for that is not the only expression of faith. In fact it may be kindergarten faith compared with faith of the Father Damian type. It may even be a form of fear.

God bless


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  1. 123lyle says:

    Amen! Kenny

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  2. Annette Masters says:

    Oh Kenny I love the way you put things together 💕


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