When God comes to honour you

(Posted this on Facebook. People seemed to find it helpful! It might just help leaders who will walk into difficult church situations this Sunday, though it is of much wider application than that.)

When you are wronged publicly and not vindicated publicly you can find yourself on the fast track to becoming more like Jesus. You will learn a whole heap of lessons in one go that otherwise could take you decades to learn. God has seen gold in you that He has placed there and is bringing forth. What an honour He is trusting you with when He asks you to live without your name or His being cleared , with your honour and his apparently trampled on, mocked, ridiculed and besmirched. A wonderful moment of Kingdom importance. You may be living in such a moment right now. Look and listen within and you will find something your mind can make no sense of: your spirit leaping for joy in obedience to Jesus instruction. Don’t minimise the importance of the moment. This may be your day to become a man or woman of God! The cloud of witnesses are cheering you on!

God bless


2 comments on “When God comes to honour you

  1. Helen Bookless says:

    I remember you speaking about this in a smallish gathering in I think Aberystwyth years ago, sharing from your own experience of a time when you were attacked including in the local papers but you felt God didn’t allow you to respond but instead to leave it up to Him to sort.


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